Monster Hunter Rise Awegite Locations and Farming Tips

Use this guide as a reference to learn everything about the newly added resource material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak called Awegite.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion pack adds more content to the game in the form of more exciting monsters, quests, and resources. One of the new resources added with the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC is a mining item called an Awegite. Awegite is essential to crafting unique and powerful armors, which a player requires to dominate the game.

This guide provides important information about locations, farming, and uses of Awegite in MHR: Sunbreak.

Where is Awegite Located in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Awegite can be found in white and blue mining outcrops in the Shrine Ruins area. However, a drop is not always guaranteed. An easy way of getting your hands on these Awegites is to approach the quest handler in Sunbreak and choose the master rank to initiate the expedition mission in the Shrine Ruins area.

Keep your stamina up by using rations from the item box, as some items are also high on cliffs. The following Shrine Ruins map is really helpful in this regard:

Awegite Farming

You can use different methods to increase the amount of Awegite you’ll farm during expeditions. Level 3 of the Geologist skill can increase the drop of Awegite.

This skill is very useful if you want to craft unique and powerful armors. A suitable Palico, like a gathering type one, can assist farming by ensuring more Awegite drop.

Keeping a sharp eye while traveling will increase the farming opportunities. A keen observer can detect the Rock-Tail Lizard and get Awegite as a drop from it.

Awegite Uses

Awegite has a few important uses. Unique armor sets like the Kamure Legacy set can be crafted using Awegite. Awegite also has a high market value of 1200 zenny. Selling them is profitable, so make sure to collect this item while exploring. It’s worth the effort and time.

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