Monster Hunter Generations Gathering Guide – How to Farm Resources

Monster Hunter Generations Gathering Guide to help you understand the basics of gathering resources in the game and use them to craft useful items.

Monster Hunter Generations gathering is highly useful aspect of the game. The entire game world is abound with resources to be found and gathered.

Despite abundance, do not expect to stumble upon something useful around every corner. There are a few helpful things that you need to bear in mind when going out for Monster Hunter Generations gathering.

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Monster Hunter Generations Gathering Guide

Our Monster Hunter Generations Gathering Guide provides a few tips that you should bear in mind while heading out to gather resouces.

Gathering Spots

While gathering resources, one of the things that you will notice right off the bat is that gathering spots distinctly stand out from their surroundings. It is highly possible for two or more gathering spots to look different from one another, but all of them will always be strikingly different from their surroundings.

Due to this, it is a good idea to check everything unusual in the environment and explore every anomaly you come across in order to gather most resources during your adventures.


Your Most Important Resource – Honey

Honey is arguably one of the most important resources in the game. What makes honey super important in the game is the fact that it is one of the key component in Monster Hunter Generations crafting which is the part and parcel of the game.

If you check my Monster Hunter Generations Crucial Crafting Recipes Guide, you will find honey in almost every important recipe i.e. potions, nutrients, and food items. Since you need to have a constant supply of these items, you should be stocked up on honey throughout the game.

During the beginning of the game, you might face some difficulty in getting the desired amount, but try to keep track of all nodes you come across. Moreover, zone-4 and zone-11 in Jurassic Frontier have abundant supply of honey.

Color-Coded Nodes

After spending a little time gathering, you will notice that gathering nodes in the game are color-coded even if they are present in the same environment. With experience, you will start learning which color-coded node contains which resource.

This general rule of thumb will definitely help you while you are looking for a particular resource in an area.

The More the Better

While you are out farming resources, you should try and hire x2 Palicoes to gather alongside you! You will have the option of either letting your hired Palicoes to gather resources alongside you or own their own. This little tip can allow you to greatly speed up the gathering process or get your hands on a rare material that you are unable to get on your own.

This is all we have on Monster Hunter Generations Gathering Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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