How To Unlock All Modern Warfare 2 Perks

A brand-new perk system has been introduced in Modern Warfare 2, that can help you dominate your opponents on the...

A brand-new perk system has been introduced in Modern Warfare 2, that can help you dominate your opponents on the battlefield. Added to that, when used correctly, these perks can help you turn the tide on the battlefield. However, to truly help you understand the perks system, the player needs to understand how they work first.

The new perk system in CoD Modern Warfare II is without a doubt a little confusing, however, this guide will help you get the headstart you need, to truly understand the perks system.

How the perk system works in Modern Warfare 2

With the old perk system removed from CoD MW2, the player is no longer able to access the benefits of all their perks from the beginning of a match. Instead of choosing three perks, the players can now select a perk package consisting of four perks, which consist of two Base Perks, one Bonus Perk, and one Ultimate Perk.

To get the best out of each situation, there is an option to add five custom Perk Packages. Within each package, there will be an option to add any of the two unlocked Base Perks, one Bonus Perk, and one Ultimate Perk.

As the match starts, players only have access to their two base perks. Throughout the duration of the match, players will eventually unlock the Bonus perk and the Ultimate perk.

As the match progresses, the Bonus and Ultimate perk will refresh after four and eight minutes. It is to be noted that the player can unlock their perks quicker by playing aggressively.

One little side note is that the timer counting the time for the perks will speed up after a score is earned. Killing the enemy, completing objectives, and having assists will all grant scores in the whole gameplay.

All perks and what they do

The three different tiers of perks and what each perk does in Modern Warfare 2 is explained below

Base perks

PerkLevel RequiredAbility
Overkill31Allows the player to carry two primary weapons.
Double TimeUnlocked AutomaticallyThe player can move 30% faster when crouching, and their sprint duration is doubled.
Strong ArmUnlocked AutomaticallyEquipment can be thrown further, with a preview of the trajectory available.
Bomb Squad11Reduced damage is taken from non-killstreak explosives. Timers are reset for live grenades when picked up.
Tracker39A footprint trail is left behind by your enemies, with death markers also visible on them. The kill markers are not visible to your opponents.
Scavenger26Ammo and knives can be restocked by looting fallen players.
Battle Hardened37Effect of Flash, EMPs, Stun, Shock Sticks and EMP are reduced. Immunity is granted against Snapshot Grenades.

Bonus perks

PerkLevel RequiredAbility
Fast HandsUnlocked AutomaticallyUse equipment, swap weapons and reload faster.
Cold-Blooded28AI targeting systems and thermal optics are unable to detect the player. Spotter Scopes, Recon Drones and Tactical Cameras are unable to highlight the player either. High alert warning is not triggered either.
Resupply30Player is spawned with an additional Lethal, and equipment recharges in 25 seconds
HardlineUnlocked AutomaticallyKillstreak cost is reduced by one elimination. Scorestreak cost is reduced by 125.
Spotter41Enemy equipment such as killstreaks and field upgrades can be spotted through the walls. Enemy Proximity Mines, C4, Trophy Systems, and Claymores can be hacked by the player.
Focus50: When aiming down sights, flinch is reduced and the player can extend their Hold Breath duration.

Ultimate perks

PerkLevel RequiredAbility
Ghost52UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors and Portable Radars cannot detect the player.
OverclockUnlocked AutomaticallyAn additional Filed Upgrade charge is stored by the player. Field Upgrade charge rate will be increased by 40%.
Bird’s Eye47The mini-map is zoomed out, with UAV and Radar pings highlighting the enemy’s direction. On Earn: One local UAV sweep is activated.
High Alert14An alert will be made as soon as the player gets in the scope of the enemy.
Quick Fix44A healing effect will be made after an objective or kill is achieved.
Survivor34This perk allows healing even after a player is dead which is coming from the Last Stand.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II perk packages

If you’re a new player struggling to choose your desired perks, you can choose the pre-made perk packages instead. There are six perk packages available, each focusing on different playstyles.

Do keep in mind that these are just pre-made packages and you can create your own perk combination if you don’t like these.

  • Sniper: Bird’s Eye, Double Time, Extra Tactical, Focus
  • Deadeye: Strong Arm, High Alert, Quick Fix, Overkill, Quick Fix
  • Support: Battle Hardened, E.O.D, Resupply, Survivor
  • Assault: Scavenger, Overkill. Fast Hands, Hardline
  • Hunter: Tracker, Strong Arm, Spotter, Overclock
  • Phantom: Double Time, Battle Hardened, Ghost, Cold Blooded
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