How To Fix Dev Error 5479 In Modern Warfare 2

The launch of MWII has been rough and if you too are getting Dev error 5479 whilst joining any multiplayer match in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, then we have got some potential solutions for you to try and fix the Dev Error 5479 issue.

Modern Warfare 2 dev error 5479 solution

Dev Error 5479 in MW2 presents itself after a random crash while playing the game with an error message application has unexpectedly stopped working along with the error code 0x00000000 (5479)U. If this error seems to be plaguing you and stops you from playing CoD MWII, allow us to provide some fixes.

Re-install the game

Well, you might start getting this error after updating your game. With each update, you might get some glitches that keep triggering dev 5479 error.

It is better to re-install the game. The error will most likely be gone.

Allow your game’s EXE file through anti-virus and firewall (for PC)

This fix has the most chance of working. You have to add the Call of Duty MW2’s exe file in the list of any anti-virus that you are using. Don’t get confused, all of the steps are given below:

Go to PC settings > update and security > windows security > virus and threat protection > manage Ransomware protection > Allow an app through controlled folder access > add an allowed app > Browse all apps

Now you have to go to the folder where the game is installed. Open the game’s folder and select the game’s exe file to add. Then click on open to complete the process.

Now, try to run the game. You should not be getting any connectivity-related error messages now.

Turn off Controlled Folder Access (for PC)

If you still have the error popping up. Follow the given steps:

Virus and threat protection > manage Ransomware protection > turn off the controlled folder access.

Now try to run the game. Remember to turn the controlled folder access on once you are done playing the game.

Close apps that need internet

A lot of the time the error code might be related to connectivity issues so turn off any background apps that might be using your internet connection to alleviate the stress on your bandwidth and see if that fixes the problem.

Restart the whole system

When in doubt, try turning it off and on again. It might seem odd but many times a simply restarting MW2 seems to fix the errors whether they are on console or PC.

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