Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Server Hack

It's been day after a hack released to play Modern Warfare 2 on IWnet servers online and what we have here ? dedicated servers unlocked in Modern Warfare 2.

It’s been a day after a patch to play MW2 online was released, before that, a  co op patch for hamachi got released and now we have dedicated servers unlocked in Modern Warfare 2. Some dedicated PC coders/gamers have already cracked/moded the game to enable the dedicated servers option via console. All was possible when coders unlocked the developers console, allowing them to create ranked legal “Dedicated Servers”.

First of all thing they did was to mode the game so that you can lean again. Says Destructoid

They have already tweaked the game’s rule sets to include options like infinite ammo, increased rate of fire, speed and gravity tweaks, and just about anything that you have experienced in the previous game.

But this statement is quite interesting:

A Hack to enable Dedicated Servers on Modern Warfare 2.

Well it turns out that developers at Infinity Ward didn’t have any time for PC title so they simply disabled the dedicated server feature. As it was developed on the same improved engine Call of Duty 4 was developed on, so it presumably had the same features + few improved if any.

So the console and dedicated servers option was there, but infinity ward blocked it, may be because they simply were too lazy to completely eliminate these features. Anyway if you haven’t been happy till now, you should be “Dedicated Servers Will Be Back in No Time”.

Here’s what Tyler Barber at GameSpy Says about PC Dedicated Gamers:

Mess with the bull, you get the horns. There’s nothing a few dedicated (er, maybe obsessed) gamers can’t hack. The specifics of software hacking are so foreign to me that in my mind these folks could commandeer satellites orbiting our planet if they wanted. Of course, there would have to be something like a StarCraft II beta locked inside said satellite for gamers to be interested.

No official statement has been released by Infinity Ward or Activision about the issue, I guess they are pretty busy balancing Modern Warfare 2 :O

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