Modder Turns Broken Nintendo DS Handheld Into Neon Advance

A modder who goes by the name Joe Bleeps has managed to seize the opportunity to salvage the Nintendo DS Handheld hardware and create something new and even cool out of it. It is being referred to as Neon Advanced.

The dual-screen handheld game console Nintendo DS might just be considered a vintage but not for Joe Bleeps. Turns out this modder has managed to seize the opportunity to salvage the hardware and create something new and even cool out of it.

Those hinges on the old Nintendo DS handhelds were pretty notorious for their weak quality and in most of the cases they would give up. Although the modder Joe Bleeps sought the opportunity to salvage the hardware and using its weaknesses to create something new referred to as the Neon Advance.

Since the bottom half of the handheld is still intact and because the older DS handheld can still play those old Game Boy games, this Neon Advance is perfectly able to play Game Boy Advance classics. Now while the top half of the DS has speakers situated there, Joe was able to repurpose the stylus slot under the bottom half and dropped a mono speaker there. Which seems like a really sick move.

As for the broken hinges, a small light has been placed along the top of the unit inside the now empty to screen housing. Which is very cool and pretty bright but not too bright that it would distract.

Having said that, it’s not something too great, but still, it does bring out the fact that fans out there are really enthusiastic to play those old games on the old consoles.

Since we are talking about Nintendo consoles, Switch users will be happy to know that, the kickstand which had its limitation like only one angle or the worst part that it can not be used while the system is charging really was a trouble for some fans. Although now Nintendo has recently confirmed that a new Nintendo Charging Stand for Switch is in the works.

Be that as it may, what are your thoughts on the Neon Advanced moded version? Let us know in the comments below.