Mobile Game Microtransactions Earn More than PC and Consoles

Ever wondered why free-to-play games manage to create such expensive ads with A-list celebrities? Well despite not costing anything to download, it’s through the mobile game microtransactions where the money comes rolling in, with these titles earning more than traditional console and PC games on average.

Slice Intelligence have researched into just how much money is being spent by consumers on mobile game microtransactions and the results are staggering. In 2015, the average mobile gamer spent an incredible $87 on their supposedly ‘free-to-play’ products, which is just $5 shy on the average amount spent by console and PC players in total (software and in-game purchases).

One of the most popular mobile games right now is Game of War – Fire Age, with stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger fronting their advertisement campaign. Last year, on average, players spent an unbelievable $550 each to make sure that their armies reigned supreme. Take a look at the 25 games with the most microtransactio sales here, thanks to Slice Intelligence:


Game of War is a slight anomaly, with the 2nd highest grossing game earning less than half of its total, but still raking in an average of $272 per player.

Microtransactions aren’t just limited to mobile games of course. League of Legends is the most popular game in the world right now, and last year managed to earn a whopping $1.62 billion.

It really makes you wonder what direction video games will be going in the future, as the mobile game transactions strategy is obviously working out very well. Fans of the typical console or PC games do not respond well when in-game or microtransaction purchases are promised, but it’s hard to argue with the reasons behind it. Developers wouldn’t be making games if they weren’t making money of course, so they will always be looking to make the best game they can as well as line their pockets as much as possible.