Angry Mob is Going After Cyberpunk 2077 Over An Inappropriate Joke

An angry mob is currently gearing up to go after CD Projekt RED and Cyberpunk 2077. ResetEra and Twitter are playing host to these people who are bashing CD Projekt RED’s Twitter admin for posting an inappropriate “Transphobic” joke.

When a user requested more information by saying; “I want to see more guys”, the twitter admin replied with; “Did you just assume my gender?” joke. According to parts of the community, it was inappropriate as this phrase has been used to mock transgenders for years. The twitter post has now been removed but an angry mob understandably wants an apology from the creators of Cyberpunk.

Some are going as far as saying they wouldn’t buy Cyberpunk or any CD Projekt RED game anymore. Due to the mistake of one PR guy, the work of an entire development team that consists of designers, producers, directors, engineers, means nothing anymore which is unfair, to say the least. However, the demand for an apology is understandable so CD Projekt RED must address the issue as soon as possible.

We do not know the full story so until more updates arrive, this is all we have for you for the time being. But this isn’t the first time the game has been at the center of controversy. Not too long ago, some wanted non-binary gender options. Since gender is now considered a spectrum by many, it is impossible to add a spectrum.

Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing sometime in the next two years for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The development team is currently busy at Gamescom where new information is expected to be shared. Hopefully, the details won’t be overshadowed by this situation.

In Cyberpunk 2077, players can choose their gender and use cybernetic enhancements to modify the character. Cyberpunk will address many political issues through a compelling storyline. Some would say the game predicts the violent future of the United States of America.

For more on Cyberpunk, stay-tuned!

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