Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Every Object Can be Interacted With

Mirror's Edge Catalyst producer says nothing in the game is there just to make it pretty; every object can be interacted with.

We know that in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the developers are focusing heavily on adding more value to the set of moves that Faith is going to have, however, with an extensive range of moves and abilities, she was also going to need things to interact with.

Guess what, DICE has made sure that she gets them.

Sara Jansson, the senior producer for the game at DICE was recently talking to GamesMaster Magazine where she talked a little about the in-game objects that you will find around you.

It is impressive to note that the developers are looking at everything in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as an object that can and should be interacted with rather than simply being something that makes the game looks beautiful (which it already is).

No object in the environment is there just to be pretty. It’s there because it’s a gameplay object. It’s something you interact with. In the first game you could only springboard from certain objects. In Catalyst, you can do it from any object of the right height. It adds to the freedom.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst developers are also saying that the game is going to transform Faith into a completely different person, and now we are seeing how they are giving the game an environment that is completely new as well.

The game releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on February 23, 2016.

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