Minecraft Troubleshooting and Error Fixes

Minecraft troubleshooting and error fixes guide to solve all the problems you might be having with the game, particularly the PC version

Despite its popularity, all the resources behind it and the huge modding community, Minecraft is by no means a perfect game when it comes to issues and bugs. However, thanks to its massive userbase, there are a lot of issues that either the developers or someone in the Minecraft community knows how to fix and we have mentioned many of these major problems in this Minecraft Troubleshooting and Error Fixes guide.

Minecraft Troubleshooting and Error Fixes

1# Minecraft – Black Screen of Death
Make sure your JAVA client matches your operating system (32 or 64bit) and re-install respective version of JAVA client.

2# Minecraft – Low Performance, Low FPS, Frame Drops
Mod your game with the Optimine Boost.

How To Mod Minecraft with Optimine Boost
1. Download Optimine Boost.
2. Now, in the %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin folder, and find minecraft.jar and make a backup of it.
3. Open minecraft.jar with winrar or any other archiving software.
4. Delete the metal-inf folder.
5. Copy the files from the downloaded zip file into the jar file, replacing previous files.

How To Mod Minecraft with CAF-MOD
1. Before you can mod Minecraft with CAF-MOD, Optimine Booast must be applied.
2. Download CAF-MOD.
3. Apply Optimine Boost. It will just replace one file.

3# Minecraft Online Multiplayer Issues – Lag Fix
Download GameBooster, run it while playing the game also refer to 2# for probable fixes.

How to change your username
Send an email to payment [at] mojang.com or notch [at] mojang.com

4# Minecraft – Broken After Last Update – Not Running
Delete all the game folders and re-install.

5# Minecraft – Black Screen After a Few Minutes
Something you will face more often. If you are experiencing this issue, contact support.

6# Minecraft – Can’t Save Controls Settings
Go to multiplayer, connect to the localhost(In the address type localhost) and let the connection fail. Once it fails, your controls will be saved, strange but some-how works.

7# Minecraft Server Not Responding – Can’t Connect to Server
You are unable to connect to Minecraft Server. Well, patience is recommended as this is something you have no control over.

8# Minecraft – Stuck at Loading Screen
Delete all the folders and do a clean install.

9# Minecraft – Doesn’t Run after Updating Texture Pack
Delete all the folders and do a clean install.

10# Minecraft – Can’t Buy the Game
Send an email to support [at] mojang.com, surely you will get a quick reply.

11# Minecraft – Can’t Run/Update Java
Download and run CCleanerhttp://www.piriform.com/ccleaner, also reinstall java client.

12# Can’t Connect to ‘www.minecraft.net’
Use TCP Optimizer, you can download it from here. Run the application. Type in 1323 under TCP settings and disable Timestamps. Reboot

13# Flush DNS – Can’t Connect to ‘www.minecraft.net’
1. Go to run, type ‘cmd’.
2. Type ipconfig /flushdns in the cmd.
Try connecting now.

14# Only able to play Minecraft Demo

If you can only play the demo version of the game, then the license of the game might not be activated on your account. If you haven’t purchased minecraft head to minecraft.net to grab yourself a copy.

15# Graphical Issues

If you happen to be experiencing any graphical issues, stuttering or any image blurriness, it is recommended that you update your video card drivers if they have grown a bit too old. This fix is universal and helps with fixing most issues nowadays.

16# Problematic Frame or Pixel Format not accelerated

The issue can be fixed by simply updating video card drivers, but can also occur due to a gamepad you are using or something else being read wrongly as a gamepad device. In this case detach any extra peripherals attached to your computer and then try running minecraft.

17# Missing Files Error

If you get an error regarding missing a specific file then try disabling your firewall or your antivirus program, then choose “Repair” in the Minecraft launcher and try again.

18# Download stops randomly

Should your download happen to stop randomly and/or you are receiving an error message then similar to before, disable your firewall and andtivirus and try downloading again.

If you happen to be a Mac user then this can be caused by other applications preventing the download. Go to your System Preferences and allow applications to be downloaded from anywhere.

Make sure to also check that the account you are using has administrator privileges.

19# Connection Issues

If you cannot connect to servers on Minecraft then ther are a few solutions you can try:

  • Check your network connection and double check that no programs are blocking your outgoing connections.
  • Disable firewall programs.
  • Restart your router.
  • You might not be properly connected to Minecraft’s server, so try relogging.
  • This could simply be because Minecraft’s servers are having a bit of a trouble processing your request, simply try again in a bit more time and you will be able to connect.

20# Minecraft Transaction Support

If you have any specific issues with Minecraft regarding purchases go ahead and contact XBox Live Account support.

21# Transferring worlds from Wii U to Switch

Turn on both Switch and Wii U and then launch Minecraft. Now click on Play Game for Wii U and then connect to Nintendo Network. Highlight the save file you want transferred and then access the save options and select Transfer Save to Nintendo Switch. Confirm the transfer and then wait for your Switch to accept it. Now head to Switch and press Play Game. Check that you are connected to the Network and then click on Load, and select Transfer Save from Wii U. Now confirm the transfer and you are god to go

If you face any other issue, let us know and we will try to help you out.

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