Marvel’s Midnight Suns Wundagore Everbloom Location Guide

If you are looking to craft Essences, keep on reading to learn about all the locations of Wundagore Everbloom in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Wundagore Everbloom is one of the many plant-based Reagents in Marvel’s Midnight Sun and quite a rare one at that. It resembles a small conical pine tree and can only be found at night or during a waxing moon. You can open the map at any point to check the weather and time conditions.

There are a total of 10 locations where you can find Wundagore Everblooms but keep in mind that only a couple of them will spawn each week. You will come across them while completing the Agatha Harkness storyline in the game.

If you are looking to craft and brew Essences, keep on reading to learn about all the locations and uses of Wundagore Everbloom in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Where to find Wundagore Everblooms in Midnight Suns?

LocationHow To Get
1Abbey LibraryFrom the War Room, enter the library to find the Reagent on the right wall beside the couch.
2Agatha ShrineThe Reagent can be found close to the Agatha statue after exiting the cottage.
3CraterThere is a crater that has a Reagent located North of the Shrine in the middle of the forest.
4Dreamer’s DescentTravel uphill North of the Crater ahead of the Handmade Hunter Doll until Cave Entrance to find the Reagent.
5Hunter’s FollyThis Reagent can be found while traveling toward the Hunter Folly castle beside the stairs.
6Everflowing GladeThe Reagent can be found on the bridge close to the spawning point.
7Hiram Shaw’s ChurchThe Reagent is located on the right side near the church entrance.
8Agatha CottageThere is a statue with the Reagent located on the left side of the Agatha Cottage
9Lilith’s GardenTake a right from the statue location to find the Reagent ahead of the small room.
10Agatha AltarHead towards the Altar to find the Reagent on the stairs.

How to use Wundagore Everbloom

  • Wundagore Everbloom is used to brew Essences. These Essences in turn are also useful resources that can later be utilized to upgrade Attacks, Skills and can be used to acquire Heroic Essence.
  • To Craft Combat Cards. In Combat, you can use Combat Cards to give heroes bonuses and buffs. They can also be used as a gesture of friendship to invite friends to the Havens which will increase friendship levels.
  • Wundagore Everbloom can be exchanged into Essence when they are in short supply. Usually, this scenario will arrive at the end game.

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