Best Magik Build In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Magik is a Control type character in Marvel’s Midnight Sun. She can either be the best support character or the...

Magik is a Control type character in Marvel’s Midnight Sun. She can either be the best support character or the best main antagonist of the fight. Although she possesses Heroism, she doesn’t use it quite often. Being the best Control hero, she can move any enemy on the field to a different position using her portal ability.

She has the capability to fit with any character in the game. In this guide, we will be giving you the best cards to use for Magik and the best characters to pair her with in Marvel’s Midnight Sun.

Best cards to use for Magik in Midnight Suns

Limbo’s Grasp

This is one of the most useful cards in the game. Using Magik’s Limbo’s Grasp, you can knock enemies through portals, dealing an increased amount of damage to them. However, you must upgrade the card first to create portals that you can use to knock enemies through.

The best use of this card is when you create a portal that has an explosive objective on the other side to deal AOE damage as well.  

Limbo Portal

The Limbo Portal card is one of the most commonly used by Magik. It allows her to send the enemies through the portal in the direction of her liking.

The card is free to use and provides plus 1 Move upon upgradation. Magik needs to use her Knockback card to put the enemies in the portal, so having Kick and Quick Soulslash makes her much more competitive.

The card’s potential is boosted if the portals are placed in the direction of the environmental object. This will cause enemies to take more damage, making it easy for your team to jump in and finish the fight.

Quick Soulslash

Using the Quick Soulslash card, you get a card play refunded upon killing an enemy. Also, due to its knockback, you can send an enemy through a portal to receive a card play return. This gives you a chance to knock more enemies through some portals and gain additional cards including an additional move.  


Another card with a Knockback associated with it. Kick is one of the best cards for Knocking the target through the portal you created. In case the enemy dies, you receive a bonus Magik card which can be either one of the cards such as Limbo’s Grasp or Quick Soulslash.

Soul Blast

Soul Blast is an alternative to Kick which allows you to Force Knockback the target. Since Magik is the number one target for the enemy in a fight, you’ll be using this card quite often than expected.


This card completes the best deck for Magik. Gather allows Magik to deal AOE damage, making enemies move toward the center.

You need 2 Heroism to use this card, but the damage output from this card is worth the cost. Dealing with damage to multiple enemies brings excellent advantages in the fights. Additionally, combining Gather with Limbo Portal can singly handily eliminate enemies. The position and timing are crucial to this ability.

Heroes for best team synergy with Magik

Being a Control hero, Magik focuses primarily on Knockbacks. She does have Heroism but she hardly uses it which gives other characters the opportunity to steal the spotlight from her. During each battle, she will be the main focus of all enemies and will be targeted the most.

Therefore, having allies to help her out in these circumstances will be a job well done. The best pair for her are Dr. Strange and Nico Minoru.

Using Dr. Strange’s abilities, she can draw her cards while Nico will help her power up her attacks, making them the best duo for Magik.

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