Microsoft Xbox One X Will Outsell Sony PS4 Pro, Michael Pachter Analysis

Michael Pachter has mentioned that Microsoft Xbox One X will outsell Sony’s PS4 Pro. Michael is a gaming and tech analyst at Wedbush Securities. Michael believes that Microsoft Xbox One X has the potential to sell 2 million units or at least 20% of the total number of units sold of Microsoft Xbox One.

Sony has not revealed their exact sales figures but they did mention that PS4 Pro will sell around 20% of PS4 sales. This, according to them, is overwhelming and way ahead of their expectations. Sony’s head of global sales and marketing, Jim Ryan, said a couple month ago that just like PSVR, they could’ve done much better in forecasting the stock supplies for these. They’ve got immense shortage, for every 5 unit order, they have a 1 unit to supply.

Microsoft Xbox One X will start selling on November 7th and the company stated that pre-orders for this console have exceeded all previous Xbox console pre-orders to date.

Pachter mentioned that MS is extrapolating pre-order numbers. According to his research, NES classic sold 2.3 million units in its life time and it was ranked 23 on Amazon, where as Xbox One X is ranked at 66, it’s not even close to a million.

He added that Microsoft Xbox One X Pre-orders are highest till date because back then rarely anybody used to pre-order consoles back in the Xbox 360 days, original Xbox didn’t have large pre-order numbers. This time Microsoft is more organized, they’re investing more on marketing the console brand, they have an install base of 30-35 million Xbox Live Gold members and that’s why they claim that pre-orders are the highest.

Do you believe that having least amount of exclusive titles, Microsoft Xbox One X will outsell the PS4 Pro? Or will the next year change the way both consoles compete?

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