Microsoft Rumored To Be Working On An Xbox Modding Platform

Microsoft has apparently been working on a new modding platform for Xbox consoles to not only push the scope of mods in support but also make it easier for Xbox players to mod their favorite games in the near future.

Earlier today, a series of new leaks (via Reddit) allegedly obtained through a third-party source involved in the development of Starfield claimed how publisher Bethesda Softworks will be utilizing its new next-generation Creation Engine.

Bethesda Softworks has notably already expressed how its proprietary Creation Engine has been overhauled to match next-generation expectations, an overhaul which the publisher stated was the largest to date.

According to the newly leaked information, the new Creation Engine has now become better than ever for modding games. That covers a lot of improvements to give modders the freedom to create better mods such as bone scaling as one example, as well as improved character and cloth simulations; all of which will help modders find it easier to make advanced mods for custom experiences.

Starfield is being powered by the new next-generation Creation Engine and which means players will be able to access new modding features from the start. Microsoft is said to be working closely with Bethesda Softworks to push the same modding goal for the potential Starfield modding community. However, that is not the only modding aspect on which Microsoft has been working on.

Microsoft is said to be using Starfield and the new Creation Engine to finalize a new platform-wide modding system for Xbox consoles which will apparently arrive at a later date.

Note that Bethesda Softworks already has a central modding platform for its Bethesda games. Since Microsoft now owns Bethesda following the acquisition of its parent company ZeniMax Media, creating a singular giant modding platform to cater all publishers for Xbox modding purposes seems like a worthy cause.

It goes without saying that should Microsoft achieve such an Xbox-exclusive modding platform, it would greatly push the boundaries of modding games on consoles which to date remains limited.

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