Microsoft Was Using Windows PCs For Xbox One Demos at E3 Again

Xbox One Demos at E3 were running at Windows PCs with comparable specs. Microsoft did the same back at E3 2013.

Back in 2013, Microsoft was highly criticised for its use of stealth Windows PC systems to show off Xbox One demos at E3. The news broke at a time when everyone was bashing the console and the company for its harsh and unfriendly policies.

Running Xbox One games on Windows PCs hidden under the demo displays set on the showfloor. Microsoft did the same once again this year, putting out fake Xbox One’s but using PCs to run their demos for best possible performance. However, this time around they learnt their lesson and made it clear that their demos are running on PCs.

Microsoft placed cards next to their fake Xbox One units stating “This demo is a PC build playable on Xbox One specs.”

Ghost Recon: Wildlands demo at E3 2016 was running on a PC with comparable Xbox One specs. Same was done at E3 2013 when Microsoft used 700 series Nvidia cards to run their demos.

On the other hand, every demo Sony showed and is available for players to try out is running on a PS4 devkit.


Putting out the best possible performance at E3 is essential and first impressions can make or break a game. However, it is better to bring the best possible version of their console rather than a toned down PC that is comparable to Xbox One.

And most of the time these comparable PCs use Nvidia hardware where Xbox One itself is AMD.

How do you feel about Xbox One Demos at E3 running on Windows PCs to present stabilized, smooth versions of their games?

Source: PC Games

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