Microsoft Tops Sony, Kojima Tops Zuckerberg in Influence, Says Research

According to a research based around CES, Microsoft and Kojima are more influential than Sony and Zuckerberg respectively. More details inside.

According to a marketing research firm, Microsoft is more influential among the gaming industry than Sony as a company right now. The company, ScribbleLive has analyzed data not only for top influencers among companies but also among personalities and VR related scenarios.

Before we dig into their findings lets talks about the methodology. The research site in question has analyzed over 100 million using the ScribbleLive Insights application, ranging from news, blog and social media in relation to their presence at CES and gauged their “influence score” based on the reactions from people.

Insights calculated a proprietary influence score (the “attention index”) based on the people or entities that reacted to an announcement. This was weighted by their influence on a given theme, the credibility of the outlet where the reaction was published or consumed, and the volume of reactions generated by the opinions within the studied timeframe of January 1-8, 2016.

This might be regarded as the level of attention they get, but honestly the more attention something gets the more influence it can exercise, so the methodology does make sense – and would give some level of insights into what ha changed from before and after CES 2016.

Graphical representations of everything that follows are given in the gallery below.

Whether you agree that Xbox One is only half as good as PS4 or not, in terms of Top Electronic Gaming Brands, Microsoft was on top with an influence score of 1022 – although they only added 49 points to that during CES. However, they managed to beat Sony’s 930 points (only 40 generated from CES), but we should keep in mind that for some reason the company put PlayStation brand separately with its 407 points that put it at number three.

Among these Oculus Rift was the one that added the most influence at CES. Coming at number four, it stands with 275 points – 198 of those came from CES.

In terms of Top Electronic Gaming Influencers that gained from CES, Activision Blizzard is taking the lead with their Bobby Kotick and Mike Sespo coming at number one and two respectively. They are followed by Oculus’ Palmer Luckey (probably due to the issue with the pricing), somehow Mark Zuckerberg and Hajime Tabata.

However, adding up their influence score from before and after CES, the chart is totally different as none other than Hideo Kojima takes the lead.

Among the Top VR Brands, the high end Oculus Rift is on top with Microsoft’s HoloLens following in after a very large gap.

Source, ScribbleLive.

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