Microsoft to Use a Different Technology for HoloLens; Fires 60 Engineers

According to a new report, Microsoft Israel has dismissed 60 engineers working on HoloLens and has plans to implement a different tech from the U.S.

Originally appearing on Ynet; according to a rough translation, Microsoft has fired 60 engineers – 30 contracted employees and 30 permanent ones who are provided with a month to find another job within the company.

The group was working on a technology for the last two-and-a-half-years that Microsoft bought in Israel 6 years ago. It is not clear whether these engineers were a part of the core development team or were merely working on an aspect of the HoloLens.

According to Microsoft Israel, this is merely an investment shift as the company is simply increasing investment in some areas and reducing in some others. As of this instant, Microsoft’s top priority is related to the treatment of its affected employees.

You can read the entire article in Hebrew at Ynet.

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