Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Bush Trips Guide

In this guide, we will focus on Bush Trips in Microsoft Flight Simulator. We will talk about what trips are, how to complete them, and how much you would need to complete each trip. We will also tell you how to refuel your plane in this guide. Let’s get started.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Bush Trips

Bush trips in MSFS 2020 are flights to remote areas where there is little to no availability of a runway, and in these scenarios, planes usually land on either water or open fields.

In MSFS, Bush Trips are made so that you can fly to such places where landing is not as smooth as it usually would be and take in all the beautiful mesmerizing sights along the way.

Bush Trips in MS Flight Simulator 2020 can take up to 10 hours to complete but each of the trips is divided into shorter segments called legs.

The length and number of these legs are different for each trip. Legs can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour-long. The number of legs in one run can be fourteen to twenty-five.

In MS Flight Simulator you can perform three Bush Runs. To complete all three of these you need at least 24 to 25 hours.

These three Bush Runs are:

Rijeka, Croatia to Santorini, Greece

  • 950 NM
  • 7:50 flight time
  • 16 legs

Tolhuin, Argentina to Cochrane, Chile

  • 875 NM
  • 7:11 flight time
  • 14 legs

Breckenridge Airport, California, USA to Mariposa-Yosemite, California, USA

  • 856 NM
  • 9:36 flight time
  • 25 legs

Bush Trips are different than other scenarios in the game because during these trips you will be reliant on the visual instructions you are given during the flight.

There is no GPS; you are given directions and descriptions of your run before the flight which tells you which direction to face and for how long you need to keep going in the same direction.

The description for Bush runs also includes which landmarks you need to focus on. Other than that, you may also need to look out for rivers, cities, towns, roads, etc.

The plane for each of these runs is assigned to you so you do not have a choice.

The easiest Bush run to complete would be Croatia to Greece one, simply because the plane provided for that run has a G10000 Navigation System.

This is a Cessna 172 which has a complete dashboard including a VFR map.

The directions can be programmed on this plane with the inclusion of an autopilot system that is well fleshed out.

The autopilot on this plane can lock in on a heading so that you can rest easy.

You will be able to see a purple arrow that tells you where the plane should be heading. If you deviate from the course, it will give you a course correction you need to follow to get back on your pre-planned flight path.

The last trip on your list should be the California one because it requires more practice and control on timing and a well-rounded sense of direction to complete as there is no GPS.

Refueling the Plane

There are multiple ways to refuel your plane we will discuss the ones that you will need the most in MSFS Bush Trips.

Press Shift and F together and it will make the refueling truck come towards the plane when you are on the runway.

When the fuel truck cannot get onto the runway and you cannot see the fuel window pop up.

To fix this:

Go to controls by pressing ESC, you will see all the commands that have key bindings by default but you will have to change the filter to all.

Now scroll to Repair and Refuel and assign this command to some combination of your choice. When you press that combination, your plane will be refueled.

If this doesn’t work on the runway, try going to the hangers and do it. If this way seems unrealistic you can map the “Add Fuel Quantity” option and call a truck to refuel your plane yourself.

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