Microsoft Trademarks New “Bolder” Xbox Logo

Microsoft has gone ahead to trademark a new logo for the Xbox brand in preparation of the next-generation Project Scarlett console.

The stylized font actually remains pretty much the same, except for a more fuller and bolder text as revealed by a filing from last month. The following is how the older Xbox logo compares when stacked against the newer one, with the older — current — Xbox logo above and the newer — bolder — one below.

It’s not much but does suggest that Microsoft has switched gears to start preparing for a massive reveal. Project Scarlett was announced at E3 2019 but the announcement mostly revolved around how Microsoft sees the next-generation console as not only the future of the Xbox brand but also the future of gaming.

Neither the console nor the name have been revealed. In terms of hardware specifications, Microsoft has only teased that the new Xbox successor will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X with an aim to tackle native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. On that front, there’s some confirmation about using ray tracing through dedicated cores to enhance graphics and provide an experience of the highest quality.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, has already gone through the first batch of games in development for Project Scarlett. He teased how good the new Xbox successor is shaping up behind closed doors. If one was to make a guess, Spencer was probably talking about Halo Infinite. The next installment in the Microsoft franchise is one of the launch titles for Project Scarlett. It’s likely that 343 Industries would be gunning to finish development as soon as possible in order to have ample time for polishing the game down. It’s a launch title after all and thus, needs to be without any issues, technical or otherwise.

There’s still much that remains to be known about Project Scarlett. Microsoft is pegged to make the official reveal in either early or mid of next year. The next-generation Xbox console will likely be a star attraction at E3 2020, as will be competitor PlayStation 5. Both next-generation consoles are set to launch during the holiday season of 2020. It now only boils down to which company will do a reveal first. Based on pure speculations, Microsoft will be first to show just what Project Scarlett will bring for the Xbox player-base.

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