Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Guide

In this Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Guide, we'll be showing you how to effectively defeat the underwater monstrosity with a promising strategy

Samus’s struggles know no bounds. In Metroid Dread, our protagonist faces an underwater monstrosity knows as Drogyga. The aquatic terror can prove to be a formidable enemy but it can be defeated. In this Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Guide, we’ll show you how.

Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss

The battle commences with Samus falling underwater to see the aquatic parasite opening its mouth to roar.

Several of its tentacles lash out excluding one. Situated above its body, it lodges itself into the wall. It pulses and sparks of electricity fly indicating that it is hampering with some machinery.

How to Defeat Drogyga

Just this little cinematic gives the player some visual cues to depend on. You need to keep your focus on the off-colored pulsating tentacle and the large button behind Samus.

First Phase

For now, all you need to do is launch an assault on the curled tentacle as mentioned above. Drogyga will retaliate by releasing glowing volleys of red and blue balls. These projectiles are slow-moving but don’t underestimate them.

Destroy the blue ones, collect the ammo and health whilst dodging the red ones. In the middle of this chaos be prepared for tentacles that may strike at your feet.

By jumping back, you can land right against the wall of the area delaying your descent thus successfully avoiding the waves of the tentacle strikes.

When should you expect this attack? Drogyga will quiver before lashing out with its snake-like tentacles.

If you have inflicted enough damage at the top tentacle, the monster will go silent and lie limp.

The button behind you will grow a bright green allowing you to shoot your charged laser at it. This will cause the water level to fall.

After that, you need to grapple up to the magnetic pad and ride it to the right side of the arena. Jump down and quickly charge a shot at the other button to cause the water to fall completely.

In contempt, Drogyga will expose its fleshy interior to you allowing you to open fire at its sensitive core.

After the assault, Drogyga will charge up a powerful tentacle shot which can easily be avoided with a wall jump.

Second Phase

Thus, the water will refill again. Most of the fight is just a repeat of the aforementioned tactics but Drogyga is more aggressive with its attacks.

Expect a heavier volley of those floating balls and frequent tentacle attacks where they converge at first before lashing at you. Since you know the visual cue of the attack simply grapple at the magnetic pad above to avoid it completely.

In the end, we advise that you keep your focus on the topmost tentacle whilst avoiding the enemy’s attack. Drain the tank when the situation arises so you can gain the upper hand when its mouth opens.

Soon enough Drogyga will fall to this assault, drying and shriveling up.

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