Metro Exodus Weapons Guide – Crafting Ammo, Best Guns, Weapon Upgrades, Attachments, Cleaning Weapons

Metro Exodus Weapons Guide details everything from the best weapons you should consider obtaining to detailing all the weapon types, ammunition, cleaning weapons, and upgrading your weapons in the game.

The Weapon Upgrading works in the Artyom’s backpack. The two components you need for Weapon Modification include the weapon itself and the elements needed to craft the mod.

Metro Exodus Weapons

You can also come across workbenches that allow you to craft ammo, explosives, or improve your armor. Keep in mind that your weapons can also break, so they will be needing maintenance to keep going. We will get to that in a bit though!


Let us start with how you can get ammo for your weapons. What is a gun without bullets, right? There are three major ways to get ammunition in Metro Exodus:

Looting Corpses
A pretty common and basic concept applied in many open-world RPGs. This only applies to corpses of beings that were actually shooting at you though. Therefore, do not expect to get bullets out of a monster using its claws.

General Exploration
Straightforward enough! This just means you look around what building or room you are in. Check every nook and cranny and loot every chest. You are sure to find bullets somewhere.

As mentioned before, using workbenches you find, you can simply craft the ammunition you need. A good and honest way to replenish your supplies.

Cleaning Weapons

As mentioned earlier, you need to maintain the weapons that you will be using since the dirt actually negatively affects the weapon stats.

If your weapon degrades enough, it will disappear from your inventory, so definitely keep it clean! Cleaning your weapon requires you to go to a workbench and after that, it is just the push of a button albeit it will be using a few your raw materials.

How to Upgrade Weapons

When you find a weapon out there in the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness, you will notice an orange icon on the weapons occasionally.

This icon basically means that the weapon has an upgrade that yours does not. If that is the case, you can dismantle the weapon for that attachment to add to your own weapon.

Besides the Weapon Upgrades you find on random corpses and guns, there are special Weapon Attachments you can find through the completion of specific quests. Be on the lookout for those!

Weapon Types

Here are the Weapon Types you can find in Metro Exodus:

  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Special Weapons (Crossbow)

Regarding the best weapons in each category, here is a nice comprehensive list:

Shambler – Shotgun
In comparison to its Ashot counterpart, the Shambler has a faster fire-rate with much more DPS than the other shotgun. After you get the Shambler, you might as well dump the Ashot. Not just that, you can also put a suppressor on this bad boy… somehow!

Ashot – Shotgun
The Ashot still is not to be undersold. It is a double-barreled shotgun, meaning it is slow and needs to reload every two shots. What it lacks in fire rate though, it makes up for in pure damage.

There is no way to improve its range, even with an attachment. However, in close quarters, this baby will kill anything in one shot.

The Valve – Sniper Rifle
This puppy can only be found in the Caspian Sea. Not just a random pick-up you can find on a corpse or during exploration.

The Valve can hold higher caliber bullets with more DPS per shot alongside support for high-powered scopes like the 6x. The bolt-action does slightly impede your rate of fire, but it definitely brings those ‘Saving Private Ryan’ vibes, right?

Tikhar Rifle – Sniper Rifle
This gas-powered semi-automatic rifle can be used in both close-quarters and over far distances as well. The rifle has a long charge time for when you need to pump it back up.

Although attaching a nice scope to the top can easily fulfill all your sniping needs.

The Bulldog – Assault Rifle
Sort of like the Shambler, the Bulldog is the most superior gun in its category. The only downside is that you can only get the gun later in the game.

The Bulldog’s accuracy is best utilized in short bursts. You can dampen that for stealth by attaching a suppressor to the gun as well.

Kalash – Assault Rifle
The Kalash is the base weapon of the game. One you can take and shoot your way to the end with. Kind of like the Broadsword in Dark Souls 3.

Just keep in mind that you need to upgrade it every now and then to keep it viable. Also worth noting is that it does great in close-range and even long-range once you attach a scope.

Revolver – Pistol
This gun has perhaps the most damage in the game, rivaling the Ashot and the Valve. The downside to the Revolver is its rate of fire and recoil.

It means you will have to be absolutely accurate with your shots if you want to survive with this gun. One botched up shot and you are minced meat.

Bastard – SMG
The highest rate of fire title in Metro Exodus goes to the Bastard SMG. It is also surprisingly accurate and stable for an SMG. Of course, the high rate of fire makes it more susceptible to jamming as well as being the least durable weapon in the game.

Helsing – Special Weapon
The crossbow is a very good weapon due to how conservative its use is. The weapon is silent due to being a crossbow. Its ammo, bolts, can also be easily crafted.

Not only that, but you can also retrieve the bolts from the corpses after killing them. The damage coupled with all that makes it perfect for either playing with stealth or to avoid wasting ammo on annoying enemies.

Types of Weapon Upgrades

The weapon upgrades are categorized by the part of the weapon itself. Here is each part as well as what stat they contribute to:

The stock of the weapon determines the gun’s stability and its accuracy. Impacting things like recoil.

The barrel does mostly the same as the stock, affecting the weapon’s stability and accuracy. However, what the barrel also affects is how much damage the gun can deal.

The scope does not specifically impact any of the weapon’s attributes. What it does do is that it allows for longer-range engagements.

The gadget is a miscellaneous attachment to the weapon that adds a bonus stat basically. Such as a Laser Pointer to improve hip-fire accuracy or an Infrared Laser to go with night-vision for a more stealthy approach.

The stock and barrel are the most important upgrades you will want to get, seeing as how they directly affect the performance of your weapon.

If you would rather not find every weapon, you can easily up the performance of the one you have. Like upgrading the Kalash to fit whatever scenario you are in. Silencer for stealth, the scope for long-range, etc. Just keep cleaning the weapon and attaching a better stock/barrel whenever you can and you are good to go.

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