Metro Exodus Side Missions Walkthrough Guide

Side Missions are an essential part of Metro Exodus. Our Metro Exodus Side Missions Walkthrough Guide has been carefully crafted to help you solve each Side Quests as easily as possible. Do note that some Side Missions can be completed during a certain time, so be sure to read this Metro Exodus Guide before you are even starting your experience.

Metro Exodus Side Missions Walkthrough

This guide will be as precise and short as possible, allowing you to get a better experience of your game and not get distracted by irrelevant data.

Additionally, the guide will try to follow a tables design: directions will be written in a table and the extra data will be written in a paragraph form afterwards. Without further ado, let us begin:

1. A Brief Journey for the Guitar

Steps Walkthrough
1 Accept this quest via radio call.
2 X wants you to infiltrate a bandit stronghold and retrieve a guitar.
3 Open up the map and follow the ‘guitar’ icon. You will eventually reach a Bandit Camp.
4 Climb the tower of the Bandit Camp.
5 The Guitar should be at the top of the tower.

This Guitar Side Quest is a small retrieval Side Mission. You will get this quest as soon as you enter the town at the bridge. Mr. X will radio call and order you to find and retrieve a certain guitar at a bandit camp.

Infiltrate the camp during the night to prevent instantly being caught. Climb the tower and on top of the tower should the guitar, just beyond the door that leads to the view.

2. Social Justice for Nastya: Finding the Teddy Bear

Steps Walkthrough
1 Talk to the little girl on the train platform.
2 The little girl wants her stolen Teddy Bear back, but the area is guarded by a flying demon.
3 Open up the map and follow the ‘Teddy Bear’ icon. You will eventually reach an open, radioactive area with flying demons.
4 The Teddy Bear should be sitting on top of one of the oil tanks.

After successfully returning to the train for the second time, you will have to do a little quest. After that quest, if you depart the train, you will find a little girl named ‘Nastya’ standing on the platform.

Talk to her and she will give you a quest to find a teddy bear. She will mark it on the map. Follow the location. It should be in a radioactive location so be sure to pack a gas mask or two. Or a dozen.

It would be recommended to go during the day because that is when the demons sleep.

3. Loot the Plane, Duke It

Steps Walkthrough
1 Get the quest from Duke.
2 Duke wants you to loot a certain plane that has crashed in the city. It should be close-by.
3 Open up the map and follow the ‘crashed plane’ icon. You will eventually reach the destroyed airplane.
4 Head inside and loot its content.

Duke is the guy who reels you up from the dangerous waters. After he saves you from the waters, stand around and listen to his sad ballad. He will later reveal the great treasures that lie on a sunken aircraft.

The aircraft is nearby and should be marked on your map. Head there and you should have little to no problems finding it.

4. Night Vision Device, No Holds Barred

Steps Walkthrough
1 Head to the warehouse that is not too far away from the observation point.
2 Free the prisoners and listen to their tall tales.
3 Obtain the key from one of the prisoners.
4 Use the key on the locked door that is to the right of the rail-car terminal.
5 Head inside and take the Night Vision Device.

Head to the Duke’s observation point and look for the railway. To the left of the railway is the warehouse that you are looking for. Head inside, defeat the thugs in here and free the prisoners from their cages by inflicting damage to the cages.

Listen to the prisoners and one of the prisoners will give you a key to the locked door. The locked door should be near the terminal that starts the railcars. Unlock the door and head inside to find the Night Vision Device.

5. The Battery Charge Controller

Steps Walkthrough
1 Head to the question mark on the map.
2 You’ll reach a building with the generator on the outside.
3 There should be a gas can near the building. Pick it up.
4 Use the gas can on the generator, fill it and start it up.
5 Head inside the house and solve the puzzle to find a Battery Charge Controller on the dead body.

After talking to Duke, the guy who reels you in from the dangerous waters, you will find a question mark on the map.

Follow this question mark and you will eventually reach an area with a building with a generator, a house with no accessible doors and a small house that has a workbench.

The gas should be right next to the generator building. Pick it up and fill the generator. Start the generator and head inside the building.

Follow the puzzle here by climbing the planks, jumping down a hole, fixing a switchboard, leaving out through the red-colored door, heading back to the entrance of the building, heading inside again but into the room that has a giant valve.

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