Metro Exodus Offers More Freedom But It Stays True To Its Name

Fans demanded it and 4A Games is providing! The new Metro Exodus will offer more freedom to players just as we wanted to. Given the fact.

Fans demanded it and 4A Games is providing! The new Metro Exodus will offer more freedom – despite being linear – to players just as we wanted to. Given the fact that in this new chapter in the Metro franchise you’ll be able to wander more outside, being in an open world environment makes more sense anyway.

In a new Exclusive Coverage Trailer provided by Game Informer, 4A Games developers give us a hint of what we should expect from Metro Exodus. They are aware of what players want and they will provide it as long as the game’s character is not jeopardized. They said:

It’s kind of like a merging of the team’s experience over the past 15 years of game development starting with S.T.A.L.K.E.R which was an open-world and then our experience with the Metro series so far which has tended to be very linear.

This balance was hard to find but it’s still Metro.

They continue saying that this is the first time players will get to experience new environments that are not entirely made of cold walls and toxicity. Metro series was always about humanity creeping in cold, dark places in order to survive, now those people are about to step outside and try their luck out of the metros.

Furthermore, 4A Games reveal that Metro Exodus is the biggest game they’ve made up until now. It will still implement all the things we love about the Metro series but with a little more freedom this time. According to Metro Exodus producer Jon Bloch, the script of this new installment in the Metro series is bigger than any other Metro game and their DLCs combined. Take a look at the video below to see more footage of Metro Exodus:

In related news, Executive Producer Jon Bloch talked about the upcoming Metro Exodus will use every bit of PS4 Pro power. According to the producer, the studio is paying special attention to the console.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018 and is in development at 4A Games for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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