Metal Gear Survive Beginners Tips And Tricks

Our Metal Gear Survive Beginners Tips And Tricks will teach you everything you need to know about getting started with MGS

Our Metal Gear Survive Guide will help you get started with Konami’s latest MG experience. These Metal Gear Survive Beginners Tips And Tricks explains a bunch of gameplay mechanics including but not limited to leveling up, farming supplies, dealing with hunger, and more

Metal Gear Survive Beginners Tips And Tricks

This interesting concept will require players to be continuously at their toes, scavenging items for levelling up attributes, setting traps and other defensive equipment to boost chances of victory, and most of all: unleashing that determined gamer rage to put down the horde. Therefore, we get down to what the core of the game is about and how to excel while you’re at it.

Dealing With Hunger And Thirst

With survival, comes great hardship at the player’s end. Being a game with huge emphasis on endurance and patience, you’ll need to collect food and water supplies wherever you find them.

This will prompt you to climb tall mountains, visit abandoned settlements and scour open fields. Having sufficient replenishment resources will keep that hunger and thirst bar to its max. Be sure to check out our Hunger and Thirst Guide for more information.

How Crafting Works?

Crafting stuff is really important in the game, as it will allow players to upgrade and modify their arsenal of weapons and equipment so they can be used to greater effect. Moreover, certain points in the game will require you to dismantle weapons to create better ones.

This will mean upgrading your Weapon Workbench to Advanced Weapon Workbench. This upgrade is only available when you reach a certain level in your character’s progression, more on that later.

Also, don’t be hesitant to head out for side missions as they can be very valuable in terms of the resources including weaponry, soldiers for recruitment and other goodies that you can achieve through them.

Finally, all of the resources and acquired materials lead you to develop the Mother Base, which remains as crucial as it was in MGSV: The Phantom Pain. These progressions will help you unlock different Facilities like building the Intel Team, obtaining useful weapons, and their modifications, etc. Now let’s get to the online part of the game.

Keep Fences

Build a fence to give you some time to deal with the enemies with greater ease. The best place to do this is after passing through narrow passageways since that puts some space between you and the zombies. Now the zombies will attack the fence and you can attack them through it without fear of them touching you.

Tackle Story Missions

You have very limited resources for crafting and other things available at the very start of the game. We recommend that you do go through the story mode in order to unlock these as well as to get used to the gameplay. You can explore and improve your combat abilities in the game.

Pick Up Missions from Vigil AT-9

Vigil AT-9 has new missions for you every day and week. You can accept these by using the computer pod at home base and selecting the “Accept Order/Report Completion” tab on the menu. The tasks can range from asking you to craft a new weapon or to take out a certain number of zombies.

Elevation Is Your Friend

If you spot a container that you can get on top of then definitely make your way to it. Zombies have a harder time reaching you up there and you can just start poking them from above.

Multiplayer Tips

Be wise with what you get! Conserving ammo is important during waves of enemies coming at you since it isn’t obtainable easily. Restoring ammo requires gunpowder to be crafted at workstations which are only granted by completing these online objectives.

Alternatively, you can head out, between waves, to acquire other weapons for use later on. It is also important to keep note of the extraction score which reflects your skill through the wave of enemies and helps you acquire more updates for your gear.

Leveling Up – Kuban Energy

Levelling up in either online or solo sessions of the game works by earning Kuban Energy. This is the main currency in the world of Metal Gear Surviveand acquired through missions.

You can check out our Kuban Energy Farming Guide for more help on the subject.

A little touch of RPGs here, levelling up will get you acquainted with a skill point. These skill points can be used to boost the stats in one of the attributes: Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, and Endurance. These skills allow you to maximize your combo damage, improve mobility in combat and carry heavier equipment, thereby, improving your chances of survival!

This is all we have in our Metal Gear Survive Guide. Found anything missing or confusing? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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