Metal Gear Survive Beta Confirmed For Playstation 4 And Xbox One, Single Player Mode Detailed

Metal Gear Solid V spinoff, Metal Survive is now crossing its last steps before release. As announced by Konami, Metal Gear Survive Beta will take place between January 18-21, however, this is unfortunately reserved for PS4 and Xbox One players. PC fans will most likely be buying the game when it releases without trying it out beforehand, although we’re almost sure that it will manage just fine.

Apart from that, Konami released a new trailer for the game featuring gameplay footage and commentary from its single-player missions. Needless to say that the game seems to be even equally exciting when played in single-player mode.

As seen in the trailer, completing a mission in single-player is extremely useful in Metal Gear Survive co-op multiplayer. All the upgrades and crafts you do alone will be moved over to co-op, meaning you won’t have to grind a second time to get them. Moreover, some of the upgrades that will prove useful in single-player will have to be earned in multiplayer so you’ll have to find a balance between playing both of them.

In single-player you get to hunt animals, plant herbs, gather materials and craft components that will help you survive against the horrors inside the wormhole. You’ll also have the chance to complete rescue missions to find survivors which will be added to your base staff, somewhat like you did in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Building and expanding your base will require a lot of resource gathering and a bunch of strategic thinking since wanderers can attack at any time. Be sure to set your defenses so that you’ll be safe that no one gets inside.

Metal Gear Survive Beta will take place between January 18-21 so if you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One be sure to try it out.

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