MGS 5: Phantom Pain Errors, Crashes, FOV, Black Screen, FPS, Graphics and Fixes

How to fix Phantom Pain errors, crashes, poor performance, Black Screen issue, AMD Phenom crash issue, saved data issue and related problem in Metal Gear Solid V.

Metal Gear Solid V apparently is the last game by Hideo Kojima but Konami has insisted that it won’t be the last in the series. The game has already received almost perfect scores but the PC community already worried about the performance issues on the platform.

MGS 5: Phantom Pain Errors, Crashes, FOV, Black Screen

Although the game is looking stable enough performance wise, there are some issues that are required to be addressed. If you too are looking for a solution to a problem, following troubleshooting listing can serve the purpose of assistance for you.

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#1 MGS 5: Phantom Pain Amd Phenom II Launch Issues
If you are using Phenom II processor then you might be experiencing some issues in launching the game. Well, the good news is that it’s a known issue (acknowledged by the support team) and they are working on a fix.

All you need to do is wait a little until a hotfix rolls out and then you will be able to play the game normally.

#2 MGS 5: Phantom Pain Startup Crash Fix
If your game is crashing on startup and you have overclocked your GPU, you should try resetting it to the factory settings. This seems to have resolve the issue for some users.

#3 Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Graphics Issues
For the weird artifacts and other related graphical glitches, you should make sure that you are using the latest drivers for your GPU. Nvidia has already rolled out drivers optimized for The Phantom Pain so you should install them for better performance.

#4 MGS 5: Phantom Pain Failed to Create Save Data Issue
First things first, don’t forget to verify your game files. If that doesn’t work, make sure that you have sufficient free HDD space.

Some users have also reported that deleting the Ground Zeroes saved files have fixed the issue for them. Just make sure that you make a backup before deleting them so that if the problem gets fixed in the future, you can get your related rewards.

#5 MGS 5: Phantom Pain Failed to load mfreadwrite.dll
This is a generic error which you can fix by any of these mentioned workarounds. If you are using Windows 8 or higher, you can try out this fix.

#6 MGS 5: Phantom Pain Game has Stopped Working
This error could occur due to some software conflict. If you are meeting the minimum system requirements for the game, make sure that you are using the latest GPU drivers.

If that’s not the issue, you should try running the installers (redist) found in the steam folder. Restart your PC and try running the game as admin. Also, verifying the game files could also resolve the issue for you.

#7 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain AMD GPU Crash Fix
If you are an AMD user and you have the latest GPU drivers, still you are facing in-game crashes, you should try the following:

  • Motion blur off
  • Camera shake of

#8 MGS 5: The Phantom Pain Server Issues
Since the game has just been released, server issues are inevitable so if you encounter any problem in connection, wait a bit an try again later.

#9 MGS 5: The Phantom Pain Laptop Crashes/Low FPS/Poor Performance
If your laptop is good enough and you aren’t getting the desired performance or the game is crashing then the game most probably is using integrated GPU instead of the dedicated one.

You can use the GPU control panel to switch graphics and also make sure that your laptop is plugged while you play the game.

#10 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain FOV Issue
Although the feature should have been on the list, the game got released without it so yes, for the time being, there is no official option to change the default FOV.

However, there is hope that modders will be able to fix it soon. If you have cracked the problem yourself, don’t forget to share it with us.

#11 MGS V: The Phantom Pain Black Screen Fix
If you are getting black screen with white squares, try increasing your resolution a bit and then restart the game. This should fix the issue for you.

If you are facing any other issues, do share with us in the comments below!