Mercenary Convoy Locations For MW3 Zombies Interceptor Mission

It can be challenging to find the mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies. But the process is rather simple. We explain more here.

The Interceptor Mission requires you to find and destroy the Mercenary Convoy in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Destroying the convoy is the first objective, and it also grants you a stronghold keycard, which is the second objective of the mission. The hardest part about this mission is that you don’t get an exact location for the mercenary convoy in MW3 Zombies.

It takes a lot of time locating it if you don’t know where to look. To solve this, follow our guide to locate the convoy and complete the Interceptor Mission.  

How To Locate Mercenary Convoy? 

To locate the Mercenary Convoy, first, ensure you have access to a vehicle as it requires quite a bit of traveling, and the convoy is constantly on the move, so trying to find it on foot can take a good while.  

If you can find an armored vehicle, that would be a bonus as the armored trucks are less detectable by the convoys, making them assume that you are one of them and allowing you to sneak onto them and attack in the best way possible.  

For us, the most frequent location for the Convoy was the Zaravan Suburbs right at the edge of the red zone, and you could intercept them there to attack and destroy the convoy and eliminate all the enemies.

Once you eliminate all the mercenaries and the Named Boss, he will drop a stronghold keycard. This will also be visible on the map in case you get lost. Pick the keycard, as this will complete the second objective of the mission. It will then be marked complete.  

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