CEO Of THQ Nordic Talks About Mediocre Darksiders 3 Reviews

The latest installment to the Darksiders series recently released to the public. Darksiders 3 reviews began pouring out shortly after and they were rather….mediocre. The game hasn’t been absolutely bombarded like other recent releases. Still, the game was rather at a slightly lukewarm state. Which is a bit disappointing.

Lars Wingefors, CEO of THQ expressed himself regarding the reviews:

“There are always some people who do not appreciate this kind of product, but there are also people who really appreciate it. If we take into account our promises and how we have given the fans a product that matches that, then I think it will be okay. “

To get the basic gist of it, I think he’s saying that the game is an acquired taste. To better clarify how the Darksiders 3 reviews turned out.

Is the game really mediocre though? A lot of people tend to think so. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s dangerously close to being the next worst thing after a bad game. And that’s being a forgettable game.

Darksiders 3 reviews were mostly placing emphasis on the boss fights. Not the main component of the game but definitely a major part. Without spoiling anything people don’t already know, the boss fights are focused on the seven deadly sins.

While boss fights are supposed to be the thrilling apex of a long segment. Darksiders 3 reduces them to a somewhat unchallenging and repetitive process of dodging and spamming attacks. Occasionally healing as well.

The world of the game was also described in most Darksiders 3 reviews as being way too linear. Now while the game is linear, yes. Exploration aspects can be very important to slightly steer the player’s thought process away from the subtle repetition of their actions. This is hard to miss when there’s nothing provided beside the actual linear path itself.

The combat wasn’t bad. Applying it to the regular enemies was fun. The game bringing back the slasher aspect of its previous two predecessors. The same style of combat didn’t exactly work for the boss fights to make them entertaining though. A problem that Insomniac’s Spider-Man also faced.

The platforming was also described as a step down from the last game. Darksiders 3 reviews emphasizing on it being a bit frustrating with the double jump getting stuck sometimes, among other issues.

The story follows Death’s sister, Fury. Another horseman of the apocalypse alongside the others. Her being on the hunt for the seven deadly sins.

Not much besides that can be said without being a spoiler so the basic gist is this:

  • Disappointing bosses
  • Bland open world
  • Fun combat for slasher segments
  • Slightly buggy and rigid platforming

Take it with a grain of salt, that’s what the reviews say. Darksiders 3, as well as the Darksiders 3 Apocalypse edition, are out for grabs now.


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