MediEvil Lost Souls Locations and Solutions

MediEvil, the 1998 action-adventure hack, and slash is out now on PS4 after having been impressively remastered. The remaster will have some new features that were not present in the original PS1 version! This includes new Collectibles known as Lost Souls. You basically find them and then solve the riddles attached to them. This guide lists the locations of every Lost Soul and shows you how to solve each riddle in MediEvil.

MediEvil Lost Souls Locations and Solutions

The Lost Souls will begin spawning in all levels once you’ve opened the blue chest in the Entrance Hall level. These levels are marked by grey “S” symbols and you can visit them in any order you wish.

The riddles will hint the location of the soul’s final resting place so you must go there and find where to place it. This will be prompted on-screen. Once you do both these tasks, you need to finish the level if you want the progress to be saved. Finding all lost souls and completing their riddles will earn you the following trophies:

  • Lost and Found – Find all the Lost Souls.
  • Soul Savior – Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.

Fisherman Formes

Biggest fish I’ve ever seen pulled me into the water. Right by the village lake! You should have seen it! I’m sure those fish are still in there!

Location: The Entrance Hall

There is a chest at the bottom of the right staircase in this level.  Open it up to get the soul.

Go to the lake in the Sleeping Village, and collect the item the soul gives you on the fisher’s bridge and select the item the soul gave you. You’ll have to defeat a bunch of aquatic enemies before you can rest this soul. Finish the level to save it.

Brute Bruty

Hey tough guy! I’ve got a proposition for ya. Meet me by the old windmill. Ya know, the one with the broken blade?

Location: Go to the Graveyard and you’ll find this soul on the right side at the start.

In Scarecrow Fields, there is a gauntlet filled with traps and has a windmill to start it.  Give the item you obtained from the soul and then complete gauntlet quickly until you reach the end of the level. The soul will appear once you finish.

Ye Olde Olivara

An awful little hand stole my wedding ring! It fled to the Graveyard, just past the Skull Gate. Give that thief a slap on the wrist!

Location: Head to the left side of the area of at the bottom of Cemetery Hill to get the soul.

Go back to the graveyard and head uphill to the spot from where you collect the yellow rune. Put the soul piece there and it will cause some hands to come out that you must attack with a melee weapon so that you can rest the soul.

Baffy the Baffler

Rhinotaurs are in the maze. Cleanse them of their vile ways.

Location: The soul is at the end of a hallway that is to the right of the starting area in the Hilltop Mausoleum.

Stand in the circle within the starting area of the Asylum Grounds and place the soul item there. You’ll then have to kill every enemy that spawns to finish the level.

Surgeon Sherman

I was having a great day. Then my patients murdered me. Now it’s a very a mediocre day. Let’s give those patients a taste of their own medicine.

Location: Return to the Graveyard. This purple soul is located at the start of the level on the first small hill.

In the 4th area he Asylum, you’ll have to kill a bunch of foes to open the golden gate. Open the door and get the soul before you walk through it. Once the dragon shows up and helps you finish off the foes, you can leave the room and the soul is laid to rest.

Chen the Enchantress

Some earless hag left an Eye of Dragon Toad on the floor. Now our old coven is swarming with ants! Be a dearie and stomp them flat for me, would you?

Location: This soul is at the beginning of the Scarecrow Fields level.  Kick the first cart and collect the soul from left side between the houses.

Destroy the giant rock to the right of the starting location within Cemetery Hill. This will give you access to the witch cave so go in and find the altar by destroying the book shelf. You can then place the soul there but the witch will shrink you down and make you fight some ants. Take them down to finish this task.

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Weder

Everyone talks about the Pumpkin King, but no one mentions the other plants. They’re the root of all evil! Always watching… waiting… stalking.

Location: You can obtain the soul in Pumpkin Gorge. Head to the building where you place the red and blue runes. There’s a ramp you can go up to enter a house’s window. The soul can be found inside.

The riddle’s solution lies in the Pumpkin Serpent. Once you fight and defeat the Pumpkin King boss, one of its rakes will start growing out the side of a house. Place the soul before the rake and 10 small plants will spawn that you must take down to finish this task.

Treviarnus the Troubadour

I grow weary of that noisy phantom’s meddling melodies. Make his organ pipe-down before we give him a sound-thrashing!

Location: You can collect this soul from the witch’s cauldron at the start of The Pumpkin Serpent.

Head to the room in the Hilltop Mausoleum where you find the red rune. Give the soul to the phantom who is playing the piano and this will cause 40 sheets of music to show up in the level for you to collect. Find them all  to put this soul to rest.

Grave Keeper Kambic

Have you seen my grave anywhere? I seem to have misplaced it. Perhaps ask the angel? She could give you some pointers.

Location: The Sleeping Village. Once you acquire the key to the church in the Sleeping Village, head to the mayor’s house.  The soul is in the garden behind the home.

Head to the Angel Statue in the Graveyard and place the soul there. You then have to strike the angel statue twice to change its direction.  This shows a hidden grave where you can lay the soul to rest.

Gavin the Golden

A giant crystal fried my flesh. Hate it when that happens! There’s some gold left on my body, but that crystal may not hand it over so easily.

Location: Head to the Asylum’s garden which has the elephant bush is, and you’ll find the gem on the right side at the start of that area.

Place the soul at the giant crystal where you collect the green rune in the Crystal Caves.  Then some treasures spawn between the crystal’s lasers. Pick up all the treasures to put the soul to rest.

Sir Schmidt the Hermit

My wonderful pumpkin tower has been invaded by Shadow Demons. How did those horrible beasts get free? Who could have done such a thing?

Location: The soul is inside a cage in the last room of the Asylum.

When you use the green rune to progress through the Pumpkin Gorge, you’ll head up a tower. You can place the soul in a small house on top of the tower. Defeat the demons that show up to finish this task.

Daring D. Castro

I heard King Peregrin once captured the Serpent of Gallowmere. I dare you to open his courtyard door and see if it’s still in there. You’re not scared, are you?

Location: This Lost Soul can be obtained when you get off the elevator after the Demonettes boss fight.

You can place this soul by the area in the Haunted Ruins where you place the red rune to open a gate.  Place it by the left side in front of the locked gate and this will bring forth a dragon serpent enemy. Defeat it to put the soul to rest.

Hopper the Legless

My fellow prisoners used to call me the fastest runner in Gallows Gauntlet. They wouldn’t lie about a thing like that! Fancy a race, Sir Dan?

Location: You can obtain this soul on the left side of the swamp in the pools of the Ancient Dead. This is the area where you have to find the gold helmets.

There is a fire in the Gallows Gauntlet that you cannot pass through without equipping the Dragon Armor . Open up your inventory at the flames to place the soul. You’ll then have to beat the ghost in a race to finish this.

Son Jr., Son of Sr.

My poor merchant friend. First, locked in a forest cage. Now, trapped behind a wall of vines. He just can’t catch a break!

Location: This lost soul is in the underwater area of the lake.  Go to the area at the end of the tunnel where you find the yellow rune and you will also come across this soul.

Finish the floor-pads puzzle to release the demons and then head back to the start of the level. You’ll get a prompt for where you can place the soul and when you do it, some vines will come out that you will need to eliminate.

Knight McKnight

May I hitch a ride with you Sir Skeleton? Meet me at the old fort by the ancient pools!

Location: Go to the room that is after where you encounter the yellow laser crystal.  You will find the gem there.

Place the soul in front of the merchant gargoyle at the Pools of the Ancient Dead.  You’ll then have to escort it to the end of the level to lay it to rest. Once you finish the level, you’ll automatically be able to finish this task.

Nautical Nachbaur

The ruler of rats has his sights set on my darling Elephant Dragons! Repel that repulsive rodent before he sends my precious pachyderms packing!

Location: You’ll find the gem just flames at the Gallows Gauntlet that require the Dragon Armor to pass through.

Freeze the whirlpool in the Lake and proceed down to the underwater cave. Place the soul exactly where you land there and then kill the rat that spawns to finish this.

Barrelman Badillo

Location: The Haunted Ruins. A red lost soul is found left after opening the red rune gate (just before the two statues breathe fire onto a bridge / just before entering the king’s throne room).

In the place where you find this level’s Chalice. When reaching the end of the ship (just before the boss fight), jump on the rotating platforms and from there into the elevator. The elevator will take you all the way up to the crow’s nest. Drop the soul there with :tp: and you’ll see the feet of a giant bird flying by. Just walk to the other end of the crow’s nest to lay the soul to rest.

Captain Coffman

I once was a Captain, but my pirates mutinied, due to my lack of convincing pirate accent. My soul remains trapped in time. Perhaps that Wizard’s big clock can set me free?

Location: Head to the The Ghost Ship and go through the red-rune door. Dive down through the gaps between the nets and you will enter the room that carries the soul.

The Wizard’s clock reference makes the riddle solution pretty obvious. Head to the starting level of the Time Device and hop on to the giant clock.  You can open your inventory at the center of it and place the soul there. You also have to set the time in a specific manner; Gold handle to 4, and Silver handle to 2.

Sir Sloane

It is I, Sir Sloane, the Dragon Smiter. You know how many dragons I’ve smote? Well, none yet. But we can change that! To the dragon statues of Zarok’s hall!

Location: Head to the section of the Time Device from which you deactivate the laser grid to collect the soul from the corner.

Go to the last room of the Entrance Hall and place the soul in the middle of the room.  Take down the toad enemies that spawn and you can rest this soul.

That’s every Lost Soul and its related riddle in the game.