Max Payne Rated for PlayStation 4 by ESRB

Max Payne has been rated by ESRB for PlayStation 4. It looks like Rockstar gearing up to bring this classic game to Sony machine soon.

Max Payne has been rated for PlayStation 4 by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). The website listed the game for Sony’s latest machine, which suggests that Rockstar is bringing this classic to PS4.

However, the rating is very unclear so we can’t be sure of what it actually is. Is Rockstar working on a reboot? Or Max Payne PS2 is coming to PSN for PS4?

The latter seems more likely and fans are speculating an announcement from Sony in the near future. If that turns out to be true, the the original Max Payne is coming our way folks!

Here’s Max Payne for PS4:

The original Max Payne came out back in 2001 for Sony’s PlayStation 2, one of the most successful consoles of all time. The game was received well by both critics and fans, it laid foundation for an epic Rockstar franchise that is loved by millions of fans across the globe.

The game will be a suitable addition to PlayStation 2 Emulation line-up; and speaking of which, some Rockstar classics are already available on PSN, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Max as well.

Here’s is the full list of PS2 games currently available:

  • Dark Cloud (SCE Worldwide Studios)
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 (Rockstar Games)
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Rockstar Games)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar Games)
  • Rogue Galaxy (SCE Worldwide Studios)
  • The Mark of Kri (SCE Worldwide Studios)
  • War of the Monsters (SCE Worldwide Studios)
  • Twisted Metal: Black (SCE Worldwide Studios)

These are re-releases so PS4 users will have to pay for them, even if they own these titles on Disc of PS2. It isn’t a great move from Sony, but they needed something to fight against Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. Let’s see how successful PS2 emulation is.

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