Mass Effect Developer Joins H1Z1 Team, News on PS4 Version Around the Corner

Sony developed PC exclusive H1Z1 is highly anticipated on PlayStation 4 as well. Fans know it is coming but Sony kept quiet on the specifics of its arrival console.

The good news is that Sony will soon share something regarding H1Z1 on PlayStation 4. This information was shared by Chris Wynn, who you may remember as a Bioware employee who worked with Mass Effect Andromeda team.

Wynn left Bioware last year, leaving his position as the Development Director for Andromeda. You may be wondering what does an ex-Bioware dev has to do with H1Z1? Well, Wynn has joined the H1Z1 team and is now working on H1Z1 with Daybreak Games and Sony Online Entertainment.

And finally he teased an upcoming news related to PS4 version.

We can’t be more excited, right? H1Z1 on PS4 is just we need. We’ll let you know as soon as DayBreak Games or Wynn reveals more.

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