Mass Effect Andromeda Will Release in 2016, EA Reasures

Mass Effect Andromeda is coming in 2016 according to Peter Moore, he assured fans that it will not be delayed into 2017.

Ever since 2014, gamers have been stuck in a storm of delays. Many of the highly anticipated games were delayed into 2015, including Batman, The Witcher 3 and many more. Things didn’t get any better in 2015, so naturally we are now expecting the same next year.

One of the most anticipated games for 2016 is Mass Effect Andromeda, but if you’re concerned that it will be delayed to 2017, you’re not alone. The title is expected to hit shelves in Q4 next year but will it actually make it?

Well, EA wants us to rest assured that it will not be delayed. Of course, things change overtime and although for now EA thinks Andromeda will make it, they may feel differently when closing in on release day.

EA’s Peter Moore recently spoke about the game in an earnings call and assured fans that fiscal year 2017 is Mass Effect year. How true that’ll turn out to be can’t be said but Moore sounded pretty certain.

Whenever it comes, Mass Andromeda will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Gamingbolt

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