Mass Effect Andromeda N7 Armor Crafting Guide

Despite not being an N7, Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda can wear N7 armor, provided players know where to get it from. This armor not only allows players to walk around in the iconic armor from the original trilogy but also grants useful benefits like improved damage and shields.

Mass Effect Andromeda N7 Armor guide will take players through the steps required to acquire all the pieces of the armor set as well as the benefits each piece provides.

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Mass Effect Andromeda N7 Armor

To get access to the armor, players will first need to have progressed in the story until they get their ship, the Tempest. Once on the ship, the Research and Development terminal next to Liam can be used to learn and craft all sorts of weapons and armor items.

This is where players will be able to get their N7 armor from, which strangely requires them to research the armor first, even though it is from their home galaxy.

The N7 armor is located under the Milky Way galaxy tab and in the Armor group. You will find a list of items in the search, while those you’re looking for are: N7 Head, N7 Chest, N7 Arms and N7 Legs.

These will be the elements of the entire armor set. Players will need a total of 250 Milky Way research points to unlock the entire set.

Individual pieces can also be unlocked if players are only interested in a specific stat bonus or look. The chest piece costs 100 points while the other three pieces cost 50 each.

You can acquire the research points by scanning different objects that have arrived from the Milky Way galaxy.

The Lab Technicians cryo pod capsule will also get you a lot of research points if you open it up. The capsule tends to generate 100 points every 45 minutes.

Once you have the research points, you will need the crafting materials to craft the items. You will need Omni-Gel, Copper, Iridium and Platinum.

It is more difficult to get your hands on Iridium and Platinum than Omni-Gel and Copper, the former two are rare items and they will cost you a fortune.

You can also try deconstructing items to obtain these crafting materials. If you deconstruct Ultrarare weapons, you will get small amounts of all the crafting materials, including Iridium and Platinum. The amounts that you will need for each crafting item are:

  • 40 Omni-Gel Cannisters
  • 290 Copper
  • 130 Iridium
  • 50 Platinum

The N7 armor is also upgradeable, for which the players will need more research points but 250 points are enough to get them the base version of the entire set.

Chest piece of the N7 armor increases shields by 10%, biotic power damage by 8% and biotic recharge speed by 15% after fully upgraded. Arms, legs and helmet have the same bonuses and provide 7% increased shields and biotic power damage after a full upgrade.

Wearing the complete set, fully upgraded will give players 31% increased shields, 29% biotic power damage and 15% recharge speed.

Once you’ve constructed the armor and equipped it, head to your quarters to customize its colors.

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