Mass Effect Andromeda Skill Points Guide

To ensure full freedom, players can switch their profile and play style on the fly in Mass Effect Andromeda. That freedom also translates to Mass Effect Andromeda skill points and once players have invested their points in a specific skill, they aren’t locked down to that skill and can refund their points.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Skill Points

In order to reset skill points in Andromeda, players will first need to progress in the story until they have receive their ship, the Tempest. Players will receive the ship while progressing through the main story before journeying to Eos.

Once on the Tempest, they need to go down the ladder and enter the med bay. Speaking to the doctor will allow them to reset skill points, which can be done through the console in the corner of the room. Resetting the skill points costs 20 credits for the first time, 520 credits for the second time and the cost continues to increase.

In order to return to the Tempest while exploring the planets of Andromeda, players can simply sit in the Nomad and then press the corresponding button to teleport back to the Tempest and reset their points before returning back to the planet’s surface.

The Respec Station allows you to respec your characters. It is a very simple thing to do. Interact with it and a list will pop up. This list will comprise of your character and your squad members so you can respec a squad member skill in addition to your own.

First respec will cost you 20 credits but respecs done in the future will cost you a big amount of 500 credits. This rises quickly each time you respec per save file, which means you need to do it carefully.

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