Mass Effect Andromeda Viability Points Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda guide to get andromeda viability points help you unlock pods so you can wake up people on the ark and unlock perks.

Taking the skill system even further, Mass Effect Andromeda introduces the Andromeda Viability Point system which affects the population of the Andromeda Initiative and not just Ryder. Using this system, players can wake up certain people aboard the arks and unlock unique perks.

Mass Effect Andromeda Viability Point system guide will help players get more points and thereby more perks as well as help them by highlighting the best available perks which the players should focus on unlocking first.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Viability Points

The AVP system becomes available after completing “A Better Beginning”. To unlock the AVP system, players will need to first talk to Director Addison aboard the Nexus and then her assistant Brecka.

Players gain Andromeda Viability Points by scouting planets, making allies, clearing out enemies, repairing damaged equipment or any other tasks that improves the quality of life in the sector.

Once players have enough points, they can unlock pods which basically bring a certain group of people back from cryo-sleep in order to perform specific tasks.


Pods are divided into three categories of personnel: Science, Military and Commerce. Unlock each Pod brings more people related to that pod on to the Nexus to perform tasks for the Initiative hence unlocking new perks.

Lab Technicians: they provide research points at regular intervals (around 45 minutes)

Mining Operations: another time based perk that farms minerals throughout the Helius cluster

Improved Development: requires Lab Technicians and increases Research Data gain from all sources by 10%

Expanded Field Analysis: forward stations are equipped with sensors that detect resources from a longer distance. Requires Mining Operations

Munitions: time based supply drop of consumables

Hunting Parties: rewards organic materials at regular intervals

Special Forces: rewards tech materials at regular intervals

Reconnaissance: permanently reveals hidden caches around forward stations

Advanced Training: increases XP gain by 10% for completing encounters. Requires any one of the above perks

Always Prepared: Unlocks an extra consumable slot. Requires Munitions and 70% viability on Eos

Versatility: unlocks an extra consumable slot. Requires Always Prepared and 90% Eos viability

APEX Tactics: increases APEX mission rewards by 15%

Financial Infrastructure: rewards credits at regular intervals from investments

Financial Infrastructure II: earn even more credits at regular intervals. Requires Financial Infrastructure

Grey Market Connections: better prices when buying or selling items

Market Dominance Initiative: requires Grey Market Connections and grants access to special inventories at merchants

Trade Capacity: increases inventory capacity of Ryder

Recommended Perks
Reconnaissance: getting this perk early will ensure that players find more loot including weapons, materials and rare items like Remnant Decryption Keys.

Munitions/Lab Technicians/Financial Infrastructure: all these perks are recommended early unlocks as they will reward players will extra of pretty much everything which can be useful in early game.

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