Mass Effect Andromeda Choices Guide

There are numerous points in Mass Effect Andromeda where you must choose from a given set of choices. Here are their consequences.

In our Mass Effect Andromeda Choices Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about your actions and their consequences. Throughout the course of Mass Effect Andromeda, you’ll be forced to make key decisions.

Some decisions may result in instant consequences while the results of other decisions may show up later in the game. Our guide will tell you what choices you can make in Andromeda and what impact they may have.

Priority Ops


Key Choice: Explore Habitat 7 thoroughly

Path: In-depth exploration of surface 
Consequences: Alec Ryder will praise your efforts.

Hunting the Archon

Key Choice: Accept the deal offered by Sloane Kelly or not?

Path: Accept the deal along with its consequences.
Consequences: Vehn Terev will be executed. Sloane and Reyes will have different dialogues based on this decision. 

Key Choice: Rescue either Drack’s Scouts or Krogan’s Scouts 

Path: Rescue Drack’s Scouts/Krogan Scouts 
Consequences: Later in the main mission, you will get assistance from Krogan Scouts due to this decision. 

A Trail of Hope

Key Choice: Destroy the Exaltation Facility or not?

Path: In this one you will have to demolish the facility along with cardinal and captive Angara inside
Consequences: No consequences

Path: No destruction of facility and the Cardinal lives.
Consequences: In the last mission, the Angaran resistance will offer you help.

The Way Home

Key Choice: Either utilize the kill code from Primus or not

Path: Use the code
Consequences: The use of code will result in the weakening of Kett units.

Path: No usage of code
Consequences: No consequences

Key Choice: Let Captain Dunn live or die

Path: Captain Dunn gets killed
Consequences: The crew survives, Dunn dies, and is memorialized. Her coffin can be considered an anomaly in the Govorkam system.

Path: Captain Dunn lives
Consequences: No major consequences other than she lives.

The path requirements include the completion of Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten. You will have to convince Avitus to take on the role of the Turian Pathfinder. Furthermore, you will have to complete another mission: Cora’s Loyalty mission. You will have to save the other 3 pathfinders who will assist with keeping Captain Dunn alive.


Key Choice: Back one character as the Ambassador of the Nexus

Path: Moshae Sjefa, August Bradly, Director Tann, Director Addison, or Efvra.
Consequences: No consequences

Allies and Romance Key Decisions

Potential Romance Partners

  • Reyes Vidal – N/A
  • Gil Brodie – Scott
  • Liam Kosta – Sara
  • Suvi Anwar – Sara
  • Cora Harper – Scott
  • Jaal Ama Darav – Sara
  • Peebee – Scott or Sara
  • Vetra Nyx – Scott or Sara
  • Keri T’Vessa – Scott or Sara

By choosing Keri T’Vessa, there will be distinct dialogues in Task: Path of a Hero.

Liam Loyalty Mission

Key Choice: Let Liam confine Verand or not

Path: Liam says No
Consequences: No consequences

Path: Liam says yes
Consequences: Relationship gets cut off

Cora Loyalty Mission

Key Choice: Keep Sarissa’s secret or not

Path: The secret is kept
Consequences: Sarissa will show up as the Asari Pathfinder in the last mission.

Path: If the Secret is not kept, she gets disgraced and is replaced by another Asari.
Consequences: Vederia replaces Sarissa and becomes the pathfinder.

Path: If Sarissa only gets disgraced and not replaced
Consequences: Slight changes in dialogues take place

Jaal Loyalty Mission

Key Choice: Make a decision regarding the Roekaar and Akksul’s fate

Path: Akksul gets killed
Consequences: This will Jaal upset, Roekaar activity will be enhanced, and Ryder will get assistance from Jaal’s family in the final mission.

Path: Akksul is spared.
Consequences: Akksul shoots Jal but survives. Roekaar’s activity is decreased, and Jaal’s family will offer aid to Ryder in the final mission.

Peebee Loyalty Mission

Key Choice: Choose between the mysterious device or Kalinda

Path: Choose to save the device and let Kalinda die.
Consequences: Kalinda will die, and Peebe will be sad for a while.

Path: Choose Kalinda but lose the device.
Consequences: Kalinda will be saved and send Remnant tech samples over. She also appears in the final mission to aid Ryder.

Drack Loyalty Mission

Key ChoiceEither execute Aroane or spare him

Path: Don’t execute Aroane
Consequences: Vorn will show up in the last mission.

Path: Don’t spare Aroane
Consequences: Vorn will not be in the last mission

Gil Loyalty Mission

Key ChoiceEither cheat in Poker or not

Path: Cheat
Consequences: Changes in dialogue

Path: Don’t cheat
Consequences: Changes in Dialogue

Key Choice: Accept or decline the decision to co-parent Jill and Gil’s baby

Path: Accept the decision of co-parenting
Consequences: Changes in dialogue

Path: Decline the decision of co-parenting
Consequences: Changes in Dialogue


Key Choice: Choose who to support between Kallo or Gil Brodie

Path: Choose Kallo
Consequences: No consequences

Path: Choose Gil Brodie
Consequences: No consequences


Krogan Exodus

Key ChoiceEither exile Spender or demote him.

Path: Choose exile
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Path: Choose demotion
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Salarian Ark

Key Choice: Arrest Dr. Aden or let him go.

Path: Gets arrested
Consequences: Saelen will assist in the final mission

Path: Doesn’t get arrested
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Turian Ark

Key ChoiceLet Avitus Rix become a Pathfinder or not

Path: Avitus becomes the Pathfinder
Consequences: Avitus will assist in saving Captain Dunn and Ryder in the final mission.

Path: Avitus doesn’t become the Pathfinder
Consequences: On Kadara, Avitus will become a drunk Mercenary.

Ryder Family

Key ChoiceFind the Memory Triggers

Path: Fail to find the memory fragments
Consequences: No consequences

Path: End up finding all the memory triggers
Consequences: Ryder will recall all the Alec’s memories and will get to know about Scourge.

Hubs and UNCS


Key Choice:  Ignore the protesting families or resolve their issues.

Path: Ignore
Consequences: Protesters will be removed by force.

Path: Resolve the protest by arresting the protestors.
Consequences: Ryder will be applauded by the directors

Path: Agree to the terms of the protesters
Consequences: They will end the protest

Key Choice: Either Interview Director Tann or assist Keri

Path: Interview Director Tann
Consequences: Tann will appear in the documentary

Path: Assist Keri in producing a piece
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Path: Help her in focusing on the Initiative’s achievement
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Path: She quits the documentary
Consequences: Keri will leave the Nexus.

Key Choice: The Nexus Saboteur
Path: Turn to the Leadership
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Path: Exiled to Kadara Port
Consequences: There will be no consequence

Path: Don’t investigate
Consequences: There will be no consequence

Key ChoiceMake Nexus’s Involvement with the Three Sabers Mercenary Crew Public

Path: Can make it public
Consequences: Can hear news about it on the Heleus News Network.

Path: No
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Key Choice: Exile Nilken or release him

Path: Get him exiled.
Consequences: Nilken will be deported to Kadara.

Path: Go for the release
Consequences: Nilken will be free and will be placed in stasis.

Key Choice: Status of Knight, the hacker.

Path: Peaceful talk
Consequences: Alain, who is the son of the knight, will join the Nexus scientists.

Path: Knight killed
Consequences: Alain will not join the Nexus scientists and will likely continue his mother’s work.


Key Choice: Let Arenna Farenth keep the formula or return it to Dr Nakamoto

Path: Allow Arenna Farenth to have it
Consequences: The formula will continue to be sold on Kadara, Ryota will be angry and won’t become a doctor.

Path: Return it to Dr. Nakamoto
Consequences: Ryota will become the doctor, and the sale of the formula is halted.

Path: Formula was never found
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Key Choice: Pursue the mystery in Kadara Port or not

Path: Pursued
Consequences: Ryder and Reyes will take out the Roekaar cell.

Path: Not pursued.
Consequences: The murders will take place continuously

Key ChoiceDecide who gets control of Kadara Port; The Outcasts or The Collective.

Path: The Outcasts
Consequences: Reyes will escape, and the collective will lose control over Kadara

Path: The Collective
Consequences: After the death of Sloane Kelly, the collective will gain control over Kadar and put forward Keema Dohrgunon for leadership.

Path: Show no interest
Consequences: Sloane remains in charge, and the tension between the two factions remains unresolved.

Path: Don’t get involved
Consequences: Sloane will show up in the final mission, or if Reyes is in charge, he will appear instead of Sloane.


Key ChoiceReveal the truth to Angara about Kett or keep it a secret

Path: Yes
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Path: No
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Key ChoiceRomance Avela Kjar or not

Path: Yes
Consequences: Post-ending dialogue on Aya

Path: No
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Key ChoiceFinding the Ancient Aya Vault plans or not

Path: Yes
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Path: No
Consequences: There will be no consequences


Key Choice: Opt for an outpost between science/research or defense/military

Path: Choose the science outpost
Consequences: There will be insignificant alteration in the deployment scene from Addison

Path: Choose the military outpost
Consequences: Prodromos will assist in the final mission.


Key Choice: Hand over the Remnant drive core to the Krogan Colony or keep it for yourself

Path: Give the drive core
Consequences: MWS will be permitted by Krogan to get into the settlement, and besides this, he will put down the outpost

Path: Do not give the drive core
Consequences: You will receive the 2000 credits and 1000 Remnant Research data. Furthermore, there will be no establishment of an Elaaden outpost and interaction with the Architect.

Key ChoiceLook for the secret water source and decide who gets to use it; Annea or the Nexus representative.

Path: Find it and allow Annea to let her continue the business

Consequences: This decision will get you bribes daily, Ryder can also attain stuff from her crate, and Annea will also assist in the final mission.

Path: Find the water source, and Nexus Representative takes the place of Annea.
Consequences: Ryder will be attacked by Annea and her team.

Path: No water resource is found
Consequences: There will be no consequences.


Key Choice: Inform Maarel about the Exaltation of her brother or not

Path: Yes
Consequences: Maarel will leave for Havaarl

Path: No
Consequences: Maarel will make her way back to home

Path: Don’t do the quest
Consequences: There will be no consequences

Key ChoiceKill the Angaran AI or spare it

Path: Kill the AI and save the Angara prisoner
Consequences: Ryder will get praise from Evfra.

Path: Don’t kill the AI
Consequences: AI will kill the prisoner.

Key Choice: Keep the AI or give it to Angara

Path: Give to Angara
Consequences: You will be assisted by Angara in the final mission

Path: Keep the AI
Consequences: Will have to get into Nexus to work with SAM.

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