Mass Effect Andromeda Augmentations Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Augmentations guide on how to get Augmentations and what are your best augmentations options to help you in combat.

Augmentations are like mods in Mass Effect Andromeda but instead of being swappable, they are permanently attached to the weapon or armor. In this Andromeda guide we will tell you where to get these Augmentations from and what buffs they give.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Augmentations

Players can only purchase a researched augmentation once and in order to reuse that augmentation, the item augmented must be deconstructed. Some augmentations can only be applied to a specific type of item while others can be used in the construction of any item.

Just like all other development items, Mass Effect Andromeda Augmentations also fall under the three technology trees as listed below. An augmentation from a specific tree requires research points related to that tree.

There are also some general augmentations that don’t require research from a specific tech tree. These augmentations can be applied multiple times but provide limited boosts compared to other augmentations.

However, considering their impact and cost of construction, the augmentation can be reused during the development of something else if players deconstruct the item for which it was originally used.

Milky Way Technology

Aerial Lubricant: can be used to augment Guns and Arms. If used in weapon, provides 35% rate of fire while hovering while 35% Tech damage is increased when applied to Arms. Costs 50 research

Aerial Performance Optimizer: applying to weapon increases 35% weapon damage while applying to arms gives 35% extra combat damage. 50 research required

Aerial Stabilizer: 35% weapon accuracy when used with weapons, 35% biotic damage in the case of Arms. 50 research

Electrical Conduits: weapon shoots out streams of electricity while using in Chest armor stuns melee attacks. 200 research required

Equilibrium Regulator: 5% bonus weapon damage when moving slowly, 10% when moving faster. 50 research needed

Grenade Launcher: all non-shotgun weapons fire a grenade now with every projectile while all shotgun pellets are grenades with reduced damage. 200 research needed

Sticky Grenade Launcher: same as Grenade Launcher but grenades now stick. Costs 200 research

Rebalanced Field Coils: last 20% ammo from a weapon clip deals 10% extra damage. Using in Chest increases weapon accuracy by 10% when standing still. 50 research

Vintage Heat Sink: no longer uses traditional ammo clips and weapon ammo automatically refills after a delay. 200 research points needed

Heleus Tech

Battlefield Assist Module: using in weapon gives 20% increased damage when health and shields are full while Chest provides 25% increased resistance when health is lower than 20%. 50 research

Bio-converter: drains 5% health to refill the current ammo clip once it is empty. 50 research

Concentration Module: 10% improved weapon accuracy when shields are lower than 20%. 50 research

Coolant Unit: increases clip size by 20% when player uses special ammo. 50 research

Plasma Charge System: non-shotgun weapons fire a direct line explosive plasma bolt while shotgun pellets turn into plasma bolts with less damage. 200 research needed

Ricochet System: weapon projectiles bounce off flat surfaces. 100 research needed

Seeking Plasma System: charge up a weapon to fire plasma bolts that seek enemies. 100 research

Remnant Tech

Beam Emitter: changes weapon type to energy beam. 200 Remnant research needed

Cryo Condenser: Cryo ammo freeze duration is increased by 100% in weapons, using in Legs provides 50% cold damage bonus to jump melee attack. 50 research

Heat Inducer: incendiary ammo damage is increased by 25% in weapons while jump melee deals 50% heat damage when used on Legs. 50 research required

Power Booster: 20% power damage when weapon clip is full. If used in Chest, 25% power status effect duration when health is less than 30%. 100 Research needed

Shield Disrupter: disrupter ammo in weapons deals extra 25% shield damage while jump melee in Legs deals 50% increased electrical damage. 50 research needed

Shield Oscillator: restores 25% shields when weapon clip empties but if used in Chest, 25% shield is restored upon killing an enemy. 200 research needed

Shield Sensors: 25% chance to gain 50% ammo clip when shields are destroyed if used in a weapon. 25% chance to recover 10% health when shields are broken when used in Chest. 50 research points

General Augmentations

Anti-Armor Module: 5% increased Power Damage against Armor when used in a weapon, 2% when used in a gear item

Automatic Fire System: changes a weapons fire type to Automatic

Biotic Damage Booster: 5% improved Biotic Power damage when used in weapons, 2% when used in any gear piece

Biotic Recharge Module: 5% biotic recharge speed on weapons, 2% on gear items

Burst Fire System: converts a weapon into burst fire

Combat Power Module: 5% combat power damage on weapons, 2% on gear items

Combat Recharge Module: 5% increased Combat Power recharge speed on weapons, 2% on gear

Mod Slot Extension: +1 mod slot to a weapon

Double Mod Extension: adds +2 mod slots to a weapon

Duration Boost Module: 5% increased Power Effect Duration on weapons, 2% on gear

Kinetic Coil: 3% increased weapon damage, +5 damage resistance when used on Chest

Medi-Gel Regulator: 2% increased health on gear items

Newtonian Multiplier: 5% Power Force on a weapon, 2% on a gear item

Reaction Displacer: 5% All Combo radius on a weapon, 2% on gear items

Reaction Optimizer: 5% All Combo damage on weapon, 2% on gear

Shield Accelerator: 2% health and shield recharge delay reduction on gear

Shield Booster: 2% increased shields on gear

Shield Bypass Unit: 5% power damage bonus to shields on a weapon, 2% on gear

Shield Generator: 2% shield regeneration on gear

Single Fire System: changes weapon fire to single shot

Support Power Module: 5% Power Restoration and Defense on weapon, 2% on gear

Tech Damage Module: 5% Tech Power damage on a weapon, 2% on gear

Tech Recharge Module: 5% Tech Recharge speed on a weapon, 2% on gear.

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