Mass Effect 4 Dev Talks About Game’s Level Designing Process

The level designer for Mass Effect 4 shares thoughts on his experience with the game's development process.

We are always keen on knowing more and more about a certain title, what we sometimes forget is that making that game a reality is also an experience worth sharing. Especially when someone is working on something as massive as Mass Effect 4!

So the level designer for the game at Bioware, Jose Hendriks took to his official Twitter profile to share his experience with the level design process of the game and how he feels to be a part of it.

The most important things for Hendriks is being a part of and sharing a vision with others as he says “one of the joys of level design for me, personally, is working together with others to make something you share a vision of.”

He also referred to some of the things that he has made for Mass Effect 4, but since his focus was on the experience of being a part of the development process, he didn’t divulge anything specific.

I just saw the first pass of one of the spaces in one of my levels that my artist built and it just makes me so excited to built it.

However, the whole process of making a big game like Mass Effect 4 is not only exciting but thoroughly engulfing for some:

Sometimes I need to remind myself of these things, because those tweets make it sound like that happens in the space of a couple weeks. When reality is, through scheduling, vacations, availability, pipeline improvements, priorities and all that, missions take months to build.

We are still a long way from the release of Mass Effect 4, which is why not much has been said about the game’s contents.

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