Mass Effect 3 May Have Multiplayer Mode

Mass Effect 3 may offer 3 player coop missions.

Straight from the rumor mill of Xbox World Magazine comes a stunning revelation. Mass Effect 3 will have a multiplayer mode, which Bioware will supposedly début at Gamescom next week.

The quote on the magazine cover was ‘Mass Effect 3 will have a multiplayer’. Which initially started all kinds of buzz in the press. But that wasn’t the whole story, read the full paragraph dedicated to the claim below.

Well, if you believe the rumours – which we certainly do – Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer. According to various sources, there will be a batch of 3 player co-op missions that run parallel to the main story, with each player assuming the role of a single squad mate. It seems likely that this will happen, and it’ll form part of EA’s Online Pass system. However developers have been known to ditch multiplayer during development in the past, if it doesn’t work…

And as it turned out, it was more like a repetition of what several publications including us, have already hinted at before. Anyway, back to Earth, lazy Sunday. I hope you are enjoying it and don’t worry. If anything like Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer exist, you can bet, we will update you guys on it.

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