Mass Effect 3 Aims to Outshine Mass Effect 1

We have been hearing a lot about how EA/Bioware have streamlined ‘Dumbed Down’ both Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. What will you make of the information revealed in different magazine previews which suggests otherwise ?

It seems Bioware is aiming to get at least Mass Effect back to its roots and this may also be the probable cause of the delay of Mass Effect 3. You can read below the detailed information that has been revealed in different magazine previews of the game and decide yourself.

Mass Effect 3 Magazine Previews – Summary

  • The mining mini-game won’t be abandoned completely.
  • Skill trees to be larger.
  • The Normandy has been refitted. [GI]
  • Reapers have different sizes, ranging from 500-600 meters of the smaller ships to the 2km for Harbinger. [ESP]
  • Customization will be more extensive. [PS3M]
  • Combat areas are now multi-layered. [PCG]
  • Melee attacks will gain more focus.
  • NG+ will be a hybrid of ME1’s and ME2’s. You can go back and finish some stuff in the post-game.
  • The Reaperised krogan wears heavy plates, while the asaris have a bloated…belly? [PCG]
  • Tricia Helfer, who voice acted as EDI in ME2, will be back for ME3.
  • Seth Green to voice act Joker in Mass Effect 3.
  • ME3 will be more difficult than ME2 [GI]
  • The cinematic sense of scale will be greater. [GI]
  • Some squad mates will return as permanent ones, while others as temporary. [GI]
  • Game speed improved by 10-15%, you won’t stay in cover for too long. [ESP]
  • Writers are discussing about how to resolve the Liara/Aethyta storyline in ME3.
  • Cerberus Troops will include ‘Phantoms’ and ‘Assassins’ [PS3M]
  • The Tech Armour will return, but the visuals may change.
  • You have more to buy in stores and loot.
  • Jack will be wearing a shirt, and her hair “won’t be as shaved”.
  • Mass Effect 3 will not end like a traditional war story (Kick enemy’s ass, proceed to celebrations) [PS3M]
  • In ME3’s story structure, the objective will not be clear, you will be gathering clues in order to solve a puzzle. [PS3M]
  • Biotics are more potent in combat. [PCG]
  • ME3 might have 3D.
  • ME3 may have timed decisions.
  • London will be featured.
  • Space battles. [ESP]
  • Some of the bosses will need to be lured into specific locations in order to be destroyed. [PS3M]
  • We will see more alien species in ME3.
  • Wrex will be a temp squadmate, not a permanent one. [PCG]

Further more we hear Class and combat system have been revamped. While the developer aims to keep the action oriented combat of Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 will incorporate the RPG elements of original Mass Effect.

Skill tree is more complex and more variety has been added. Mass Effect 3 won’t feature the simplistic skills system of second game in the series but rather players have a choice to choose the skill with each level of progress.

Players finally will be able to developer their character the way they want and the customization will ensure every character even of the same class has different set of skills tailored to the game style of the player.

All classes will have the ability to use all the weapons. Players will be different by class and skill choices. You can customize several different traits of your gear, customize your appearance to match it.

Melee system has been improved and further more each class will feature different melee attack.

AI is improved and would tactically adjust itself in response to how you approach the game. Enemies won’t just be running randomly after Shephard and his team, they would be more inteligent and each will take a specialized role in their quest to hunt down Shephard.

Aim system has also been given an upgrade with Shephard now being able to target different points on an enemy’s body for different reactions. He can even target different parts of enemy’s armor to weaken their attacks or open new weak points.

For now, it all seems good old Mass Effect would be revived to an extent in Mass Effect 3. One thing though, maps. Will be they be as big as of Mass Effect 1 ? time will tell.

Source. Bioware Social

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