Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Budget Was Reportedly Half Of SFV’s DLC Budget

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite launched with critical acclaim, however, the game faced backlash from the community over its roster and character animations and now a report has popped up suggesting that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite was developed on a limited budget which was slightly above half of Street Fighter V DLC budget.

The report comes from Youtuber “Liam Robertson – Game History Guy” who talked with the devs who worked on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. If the report is to be believed then the devs were working under tight restraints since DLC budget of a game is quite low.

According to the report, the devs used pre-existing assets from Marvel vs Capom 3 to save time and money, and only slight changes were made to these assets. The report suggests that often artists were instructed to just alter the shaders to account for the new art style which resulted in strange-looking characters.

Furthermore, the report suggests that some characters were cut from Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite to add later as DLC. According to the devs, Black Panther and another Monster Hunter character were finished way ahead of game’s launch but, were cut to be added later as DLC.

While DLC has become a common practice but, this move seems questionable since the game included content that is related to Black Panther which shows that Black Panther was supposed to be part of the main game.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is a fighting video game developed and published by Capcom for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game features characters from both Marvel comics and video games developed by Camcom.

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