Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Will Release With Arcade Mode, Features New Mini-Boss Battle

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will release later this month with a number of different modes, one of which will be the traditional arcade mode.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will release later this month with a number of different modes. The fighting game community would be most thrilled to know that one of them is the traditional arcade mode.

While an official announcement is pending, the Brazilian branch of the developer recently allowed Collectible 506 to try out the final version of the brawler at its place. The preview reveals that the arcade mode of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will feature eight fights in total, six of which will be against teams of two other characters.

In addition, there will be a mini-boss fight before the final showdown. The identity of the new character has not been revealed but it has been teased that those following the game should know who the players will be facing.

Completing the arcade mode will unlock new colors for the characters used. It is unknown if these are the only rewards and if they are exclusive to the mode. The best bet is that the developer is simply giving players more arrays to unlock colors outside of the other modes.

The confirmation of an arcade mode brings to light that Capcom has learned much from how it mishandled the launch of Street Fighter V, which is still without the said mode. Recent rumors have dictated that it is being worked on. At this point it seems more likely that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will get it sooner.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is scheduled to release on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Every character on the roster will have access to six Infinity Stones, each of which features two unique applications in battle. You can go through all of them here.

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