Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Rebranding Will Make Marvel vs Capcom 4, Says Leaker

A rumor has been started by leaker Vergeben that says that a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite rebranding is in the works to make the game into Marvel vs Capcom 4.

Known leaker Vergeben has put out a rumor that says that a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite rebranding is going to be taking place soon that will make the game into Marvel vs Capcom 4, rather than Infinite. While we don’t know if this is true yet, the game has been dormant for a while now.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite released back in 2017 to a rather lukewarm reception from many players, who criticized its art style, character choice, removal of the three-on-three system and character assist moves, and initial roster. While it did add something new with the addition of Infinity Stones to combat, that wasn’t enough for many players.

Vergeben has said that a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite rebranding might also end up bringing in new characters like Star Lord, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, and many more other characters who didn’t make it into the initial game.

The game, like many other fighting games in the past few years, also came with a story mode, where the Capcom and Marvel heroes both attempted to stop Ultron Sigma, a fusion between Ultron of the Marvel world, and Mega Man villain Sigma, who was slowly gathering the Infinity Stones in order to be able to remake the universe in his image.

Previously, Marvel vs Capcom had one of the most popular games in the entire fighting game genre. However, reception to the game was so lackluster that even EVO dropped out of presenting it, replacing it instead with Dragon Ball FighterZ when Marvel vs Capcom had been a staple at EVO for years.

The game also underperformed with Capcom, who had predicted that the game would sell two million units. Instead, it only broke a million units by December, and there’s no telling how many it’s sold since then.

If a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite reboot really is coming, it’s likely that Capcom will have to work a lot in order to get players back on the game and to help to salvage its reputation before it falls by the wayside into

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