Mario AI Project Brings Self Awareness to Mario

We have all made this little plumber run up and down in the search of coins and against tons of enemies, but we have been in control of him all the time. What if Mario could do all that by himself?

A Cognitive Modelling Group at Germany’s University of Tubingen is currently working on something that they call Mario AI Project. The objective of this project is to “learn autonomous behavior in Mario Bros.”

What they have done is that they have taught our loved character how to understand voice commands and learn from them about his environment and the things around them so that he can adapt accordingly.

He will hear you, and then answer your questions based on what you have taught him or what he has learned by exploring himself.

Oh and before you think otherwise, the group has also explained that “the speech generation capabilities of Mario are not scripted, but based on linguistic principles, subtext, phonology combined with Mario’s words semantics.”

The video above details the Mario AI project. As you can see, Mario learns how to behave after listening to the voice commands. That is not all, the artificial intelligence has also implanted feelings and needs into the character.


He might feel curious, resulting in a more exploration loving behavior; or hungry, which will make him want more coins.

This is another attempt around the lines on which the Mario AI Championships worked previously, but it surely is fresh.

Thanks, VentureBeat.

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