Mafia III on Google Stadia Rated by ESRB

A recent ESRB listing was spotted for Mafia III for the Stadia platform suggesting that Mafia III on Google Stadia could be released soon.

A listing recently went up on ESRB for Mafia III and for its Sign of the Times DLC. This listing indicates that the possibility of Mafia III coming on Google Stadia is high.

Not long ago, some Mafia III activity was spotted on the ESRB website. If you visit the page, you will see that while there is no rating summary, the listing still exists. The title of the listing is “Mafia III + Signs of the Times (DLC)”. What’s more interesting is that the listing is for the Stadia platform which suggests the game along with the DLC could arrive on Google’s cloud gaming service.

2k Games released Mafia III in 2016. The game received mostly positive reviews and was touted as a worthy entry in the Mafia franchise. Following that, the Sign of the Times DLC was released for the game in 2017. The expansion got good reviews and improved on the narrative of the original game. With this recent ESRB listing, all fingers point towards Mafia III on Google Stadia becoming a reality.

The era of cloud gaming has yet to fully take over the gaming ecosystem. Last year, Google came out with its cloud gaming serve called Stadia. Ever since its release, the service hasn’t been as successful as expected. The number of Google Stadia pre-orders weren’t anything to be excited about. Google faced problems when it came to the implementation of Stadia.

One of the biggest drawbacks of cloud gaming turned out to be limited internet bandwidth. Not everyone in the world has access to high-speed internet. If you use a cloud-based gaming service on a subpar internet connection, games become unplayable. Players faced latency issues accompanied by stuttering and lag. Customers were complaining about the second-rate gaming experience of the game streaming service.

However, if you have a decent internet connection, the service seems to work reasonably well. As faster internet speeds become the norm, cloud-based gaming may have a bright future ahead of it. The prospect of Mafia III on Google Stadia does seem interesting to say the least. Keep in mind that the game’s ESRB listing doesn’t provide any official news. We will have to wait for an official announcement from both parties regarding the matter.