Mafia DE Tweaks and Fixes

In this Mafia DE Tweaks and Fixes guide, we will focus on different tweaks and fixes to make this game...

In this Mafia DE Tweaks and Fixes guide, we will focus on different tweaks and fixes to make this game playable for you and get rid of these issues.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store but there are a lot of performance issues with this game.

Mafia DE Tweaks and Fixes

Many people have reported the frequent crashes that they face when they launch the game.

Game Crashing on Startup
There have been many complaints of game crashing when it is launched which is quite worrying for some people.

However, this can be fixed pretty easily.

Open your Steam Library and right-click on the game. Click on Manage and then select Browse Local Files.

If you have the game on Epic Launcher, you’ll have to search for the game folder manually.

Now when inside the folder, look for mafiadefinitiveedition.exe and double-click on it.

The game will launch properly. Now go to the in-game settings and disable the launcher from there.

Also, check if you have the latest Nvidia or AMD drivers installed.

If none of these solutions work, then you’ll have to wait for the developers to release a patch.

Performance Boost
This game is locked at 60 Hz by default and poorly optimized. Here are some fixes to boost the game performance and remove any limits.

  • Open the folder where the game is installed and right-click on exe and select Properties. Go to the Compatability tab and click on Disable Fullscreen Optimization. Now select Apply and run the game.
  • In the Settings menu of the game, turn Vsync off to remove the frame limit.
  • Set Anti-Aliasing to Low from the in-game video settings and turn Motion Blur Off to improve visuals.
  • Open the Task Manager and look for any program other than the game using too much GPU, CPU, or RAM. Close any unnecessary program that is running in the background when playing the game.
  • Open Task Manager and go to the Details Look for mafiadefinitiveedition.exe and right-click on it. Now click on Set Priority and choose High or Realtime.

Skip Intro Video
Every time you launch the game, you have to sit through a long Intro video that cannot be skipped.

You can get rid of this Intro video by doing the following:

Navigate to the folder where Mafia: Definitive Edition is installed and open the sds_retail folder. Inside this will be a folder named video.

Open it and look for the following file “_logo_2k_h13_bullet.bik”. Make sure to make a backup of this file.

Now, look for a file named “cine_black_video.bik”.

Create a copy of this file and rename it to “_logo_2k_h13_bullet.bik”.

The intro will be skipped and will save you precious time.

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