Mafia DE The Death of Art Walkthrough

The conclusion to the epic saga of Mafia Definitive Edition is brought by The Death of Art main mission. In...

The conclusion to the epic saga of Mafia Definitive Edition is brought by The Death of Art main mission. In this Mafia DE The Death of Art walkthrough, we’ll be giving you a brief step-by-step guide on how to reach the finale for the game.

Mafia DE The Death of Art

After a cutscene with Sarah, who realizes the discomfort behind your need for a vacation with family, you’ll be tasked to go and meet Paulie to further progress with the mission.

Meet Paulie At His Apartment
Head to the marked location on the Little Italy district. Grab a car, and drive on over to give Paulie a visit to his apartment. The section that you need to find is located on the upper floor.

After opening the door, you’ll discover a horrible tragedy has befallen our friend Paulie. He was murdered.

Meet Sam at the Art Gallery
Make your way to the Central Island district. You’ve asked Sam to meet you at the Lost Haven Art Gallery. Park outside, and go in to trigger another cutscene.

Unfortunately, Sam was the one who betrayed Paulie and you.

What was meant to be a quick exchange for cash turned out to be an ambush for Tommy.

Survive the Ambush
Tommy manages to get ahold of one of the goon’s gun and fight back out of the sticky situation.

You won’t have many chances to heal up, so make sure you fight out of cover and fire precise shots to take all the enemies down.

The enemies will make sure you can’t stay in one place for too long using Molotov Cocktails.

Ignore Sam completely, and focus on eliminating all the enemies until you get the indication to otherwise.

Find Sam
Pick up a few good weapons from the gangsters, and proceed through the Art Gallery to find Sam.

Head up the stairs through the main hallway, and you’ll reach Sam guarded by his goons.

Chase Sam down until you reach the double doors. Break the door to enter the next phase of the fight.

Kill Sam
Keep an eye out for any enemies on your flank, and try not to get out of cover too much. If you stand out in the open, you’ll find yourself surrounded in no time.

Once you finally get the chance, shoot Sam, which will trigger a cutscene.

Make sure you’re still playing it safe, because you’re going to need health for the final encounter, and Tommy can’t afford to lose any health at this stage.

You can enter the final room on the lower floor. This is it; the end of the line. Make sure to know where Sam is, and don’t let them get the surprise on you.

Utilize cover, and shoot Sam from safety. Successfully shooting, Sam will initiate a cutscene. Two bidding farewells in the most painful way possible.

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