Mafia 4 Location is Las Vegas?

Another huge leak about the next Mafia title emerged recently from the same source that “confirmed” the existence of the project last week. Among gameplay details and fancy mini-games, the leak suggests that the location of Mafia 4 will be in Las Vegas. You’ll be tasked with creating an empire through the criminal setting of the city.

Reddit user TheTruthTeller1985, whose sources apparently are two former Hangar 13 developers, posted the entire leak as a continuation of his former one. He once again confirms that Mafia 4 will be located in Las Vegas and will have a strong narrative element. Undeniably, Las Vegas is the perfect setting for such a game, given its “criminal background” filled with gangs and casinos to boost your reputation.

Apparently, reputation will be a big factor in Mafia 4, with a full system reflecting on it. Through it, you’ll have special interactions with NPC depending on what kind of behavior you have towards the city. This goes well beyond getting special quests, with people running away from you if you tend to murder people and more.

An interesting bit of information on that end is how police will be affected by your reputation. The leak suggests that you’ll get pulled over seldom if you have a high reputation since the enforcers will be afraid of you.

Here are all gameplay details the leak includes, as the author posted:

  • Game will be about you gaining control of Vegas, will be a sprawling story about crime, love and greed.
  • You’ll be able to choose your crew, you can put hits out on people, store owners who refuse to cough up any protection money, etc.

  • If you have a high heat level, cops will pull you over and give you tickets just for driving past them (targeted harassment etc. for being bad).

  • Cops pull you over for speeding, running red lights etc.
  • Game will have a “reputation system” which will influence how NPCs react to you. If you decide to run your crime empire fair and less brutal, people will be more keen to approach you and be nice in the streets, offer you tips about jobs nearby etc, however if you’re a nasty piece of shit who constantly kills and murders recklessly, people will avoid you and cross the sidewalk when you approach, this system is similar to the one handled in MAFIA 3 where white women in rich districts would avoid Lincoln, just expanded here and reflective on your gameplay choices.
  • If you have high enough reputation, cops might think twice about pulling you over out of fear, so you can speed more and commit less larger-crimes such as muggings.
  • You can smash up and destroy opposing Casinos.
  • Sex and head in your penthouse suite.
  • Minigames in the Casinos.
  • Motorbikes.
  • New Animation technology to give the game world more life.
  • Their driving animations are said to be super detailed, realistic and responsive to player input while still looking on point.

Note that nothing mentioned above is official yet. All we know about Mafia 4 and its location is nothing but leaks and rumors. As a result, you should take everything with a grain of salt. If what is said is to be believed, then the game is still away from getting announced.

For what it’s worth, we’ll know what to expect and what portion of the leaks is true when the 2K Games officially announces its release.

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