Mafia 3 Driving And Car Physics Detailed, Game Will Feature Two Driving Options

While Mafia 3 is just over a week away from launch, developer Hangar 13 is revealing details about the game, now Mafia 3 driving has been detailed.

Mafia 3 is just over a week way from launch and the hype for the game is increasing with every passing day. Now some details regarding Mafia 3 driving and its car physics have made their way to the internet.

The Mafia 3 driving and car physics details come from Gamestar, and translated by NeoGaf user Sparrowcus.

There are going to be two different options for driving in Mafia 3. One option is “Arcade” which makes the driving in the game much more easier, and the second one is “Simulation”, which is comparison with other driving simulator games is nothing. However, the second option does makes driving in Mafia 3 difficult, and players will find it hard to steer.

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There will be four camera positions for cars in the game, and which one players want to use will depend on players. There are going to be three different third person camera positions for the car and fourth one will be on the hood, and the camera position on the hood is the best one for driving.

The car handling will be impacted if the car gets damaged due to collision or any other reason. However, looking in the video, you will find the collision damage quite hilarious as the NPC cars receive more damage then the player’s.

Also there is a wide variety of cars in the game from extremely slow to fast racer cars. Players will also be able to call for cars on demand. As for the shooting mechanic while sitting in the car, when players aim to shoot, it will automatically point towards the tires, and if players are successful to take out the tires the car will flip Hollywood style.

Mafia 3 is developed by Hangar 13 and is scheduled to launch on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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