Madden NFL 22 Best The Yard Classes Guide

This is a comprehensive guide on Madden NFL 22’s Best the Yard Classes to help you win matches easily by making the best athletes possible!

Madden NFL 22 is here, and it brings with it many new additions to the game. Below is a comprehensive guide on Madden NFL 22 The Yard mode and the best classes within it to help you win matches easily by making the best athletes possible!

Madden NFL 22 Best The Yard Classes

The Yard mode has seen some updates with regards to Prototypes/Classes and so we’ll be covering them in detail in this guide.

With Madden NFL 22, you can make alterations to the skills and abilities of your players. For example, you can increase the skill level up to a certain point in an attribute, thus enabling you to make your player more effective in that area.

You can only raise the skill level by 20 points, so you should decide the skills which you need the most while playing matches.

While making these skill considerations you will also need to decide which class you should choose. Below is the breakdown of all the classes to help you to decide which one would be suitable for you.


This is the best option to go with if you’re unsure of the other. With the tighter coverage, acrobatic abilities, it’s a really good choice.

You should pair this prototype/class with abilities like shutdown, gutsy scrambler, tip drill, and the acrobat.

The Hitman is quick, has high throw accuracy, good tackling skills, and high hit power. He can be good option for you to dominate on the field.


We consider this the second-best choice for classes in Madden NFL 22. With abilities like Deep in Elite and Deep Out Elite, this class is a catching juggernaut.

It has decent speed, acceleration, and is good at the change of direction. It also carries spin move and juke move skills.

You can either opt for fitness rewarding you with bonus stamina, or you can go with catching that can give you rewards like catching, spectacular catching, catching in traffic. Players can also increase Catch in Traffic skill by choosing Bruiser physique for this guy.

The Freak

This is the third-best class on the list. High speed, stiff arm, tackling, and high hit power abilities make it a solid option. The players can also increase his speed by selecting an agile physique.

Also, by maximizing his quickness, you can increase his change of direction and acceleration skills. So, this class is a real freak!


Due to the abilities like Zone Hawk, Short Route Knockout, Medium Route Knockout, and Lurker this man is useful for winning matches.

This class has high speed, acceleration, and is exceptionally well at the change of direction skill. So, he is one of the fastest classes in the game. Now, with this prototype, you should opt for an agile physique because he is really quick.


This is also a pretty useful class that can help you in many ways during matches but is more situational than the others.

Coming to skill points, he has the highest speed in the game. However, he is not too quick to startup as he has low acceleration and is not good at the change of direction skill. But still, due to high speed, he can be a good option for certain positions.

The players should go with a balanced physique for good catching and tackling.

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